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insert a catheter into (a body part)

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Juae Cynthia Chang, the pediatric resident on call, saw Amanda's mother before catheterizing Amanda.
But if I don't necessarily plan on catheterizing the patient or if catheterization will be delayed, then I'd only use enoxaparin because in all the studies it seems to have reduced events in these patients compared with UFH," said Dr.
When performing a vaginal hysterectomy, after catheterizing the bladder, add 20 mL of saline mixed with indigo carmine and then either clamp or remove the catheter, thus leaving a small amount of dye in the bladder.
They had all had trouble sitting, cleaning, and catheterizing themselves, and they all experienced marked improvement--and no adverse effects--while taking Botox.
I know that sounds just awful, but let me tell you, catheterizing your son is a thousand times better than watching him burn up with a fever because the urine sat in his bladder too long.