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insert a catheter into (a body part)

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Of note, the surgical approach to patients with difficulty catheterizing as a result of channel redundancy is similar to those with stenosis, in that after a laparotomy the distal end is excised until the appropriate channel length is achieved and the new distal end is matured to the skin.
Moreover, not being well prepared to incorporate catheterizing into everyday life can lead to the use of a long-term indwelling urinary catheter or non-adherence to optimal IC frequency, which can adversely affect the bladder and kidneys (El-Masri, Chong, Kyriakider, & Wang, 2011).
Complications: Potential complications of Mitrofanoff's procedure include stomal stenosis, stomal incontinence, difficulty in catheterizing channel, intra-abdominal adhesions, painful catheterization, prolapsed stomal mucosa, peristomal hernia, wound dehiscence/infection.
At the authors' institution, all small children up to 2 years of age who are found to have suspected UTI from bag urine have to be referred to a pediatric ward, for a urine test taking with a sterile method (see Table 3 for Tips on Catheterizing Small Children).
Because the hospital defendants had not thus far established the existence of an emergency situation that would have eliminated the need to obtain the man's consent before catheterizing him, the court concluded the man could proceed with his claims against the hospital and its staff.
But if I don't necessarily plan on catheterizing the patient or if catheterization will be delayed, then I'd only use enoxaparin because in all the studies it seems to have reduced events in these patients compared with UFH," said Dr.
When performing a vaginal hysterectomy, after catheterizing the bladder, add 20 mL of saline mixed with indigo carmine and then either clamp or remove the catheter, thus leaving a small amount of dye in the bladder.
Children with a history of obstructive uropathy who are on anticholinergics and are not catheterizing should be monitored closely for complete emptying of the bladder.
They had all had trouble sitting, cleaning, and catheterizing themselves, and they all experienced marked improvement--and no adverse effects--while taking Botox.
Hemonix's clinical trial must prove absolutely that a doctor is on safe ground, liability-wise, using PeriVasc to measure CVP rather than catheterizing the patient.
Ruthie spoke openly about catheterizing her daughter.
In addition to the process of actually catheterizing the bladder, routine errors in the procedure (inserting the catheter into the wrong orifice@ occur in 15% of all cases (Newman & Smith, This same study also suggests that good handwashing to reduce transient bacteria prior to performing catheterization occurs less than 50% of the time.
Although many patients prefer to continue catheterizing per urethra, a catheterizable abdominal wall stoma can be an attractive option.
He is acutely sensitive to pain and has not been catheterizing himself.
I was nervous because I was still not independent in many things, among them catheterizing myself, and I was going to be returning to high school the following week.