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insert a catheter into (a body part)

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If the nidus was in the range of the cannula, liquid embolic agent (Onyx™18/34, eV3 Inc., Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA) was directly injected through it; otherwise, microcatheters were catheterized through the cannula into the nidus for safe embolization.
Subsequently, according to the location of the target lesion, the bronchial arteries were selectively catheterized using 4 F Cobra (Cook Medical) or Simmons catheter (Cordis, Johnson & Johnson Medical), and following angiography was performed to localize the bleeding site.
Mesenteric catheterized angiography was performed immediately in all the cases.
They were all catheterized, Subsequently they started producing good urine output with improved renal function.
Previous studies demonstrated no difference in midstream clean catch versus sterile catheterized specimens (Walter & Knopp, 1989).
As demonstrated in Figures 1(a) and 1(b) the first patient was catheterized from the femoral artery while the second, recent patient was catheterized from the radial artery.
For catheterized samples, the catheter tubing was clamped off to allow collection of freshly voided urine.
It is usually seen in chronically catheterized, constipated, bedridden elderly women.
Each morning, the director of nursing quality generates the customized report from the previous day of all catheterized patients in the organization.
There were 96 093 responses from 1823 slide challenges representing voided, catheterized, and urinary bladder washings.
Results: Catheterized adult patients (n = 242) with SAH over the 8-year period were included.
Request that you not be catheterized unless it is absolutely necessary; this can help minimize the cahnces of a urinary tract infection.