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insert a catheter into (a body part)

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Levels of obstruction and treatment options for difficult to catheterize continent channels.
Utilizing a hydrophilic Glidewire and 5 Fr Berenstein catheter, attempts were made to catheterize the right hepatic vein.
No case of vascular complications such as major access site bleeding, vascular perforation, aneurysm formation, brachial artery occlusion causing forearm ischemia, compartment syndrome, vascular spasm or failure to catheterize coronary arteries requiring alternate vascular access, and major adverse cardiac and cerebrovascular events was observed peri or post-procedurally.
It's also possible to intermittent catheterize through the device, minimizing unnecessary device changes.
If it is blocked, your cat will have to undergo an anaesthetic as your vet tries to catheterize and flush the tear duct.
Horowitz's order to catheterize the child, all defendants agreed that when Dr.
After years of lobbying and several hundred thousand consumer urinary tract infections later, Medicare will now pay for 200 catheters per month--that is, IF your doctor will fax all your records to your supplier and IF those records adequately specify the permanence of the condition, the diagnosis (urinary retention or incontinence), and the number of times per day you must catheterize. According to Medicare guidelines, a letter from the doctor is not sufficient, only previously recorded medical notes.
"Do I really need to catheterize my patient to check residual urine?" The answer to this question in many facilities is still "yes." However, a relatively new piece of equipment may eliminate catheterization for checking residual urine.
Children and their families should catheterize using clean technique, not sterile.
Alcohol is a useful sclerotic agent that allows the intervention-alist to devascularize a lesion, the feeders to which are too numerous or small to directly catheterize or to admitparticulate matter.
Highly motivated patients who are willing to catheterize themselves may, after consultation with their doctor, be able to have DMSO treatments at home.
In all other cases, the decision to use the IsoFlow dual-balloon anti-reflux infusion microcatheter to isolate tumor supplying vascularity was made if: 1) it was thought that the targeted segmental/subsegmental artery could not be easily catheterized, based on review of initial pretreatment cross-sectional imaging and/or celiac /superior mesenteric artery (SMA) angiography, or 2) initial, unsuccessful attempt to catheterize the tumor supplying segmental/subsegmental artery using the institutions' usual microcatheters (Prowler Plus, Cordis or Merit Maestro, Merit Medical), or 3) attempt was being made to avoid delivery of chemoembolic to adjacent liver, when hepatic function was marginal (total bilirubin >2.5 or Child Pugh Class B7).
Consideration should be made for placement of a suprapubic catheter intraoperatively for patients who are physically unable to self-catheterize, and in cases where PVS is being performed concomitant with urethral diverticulectomy or eroded mesh excision, where one might not want the patient to catheterize through a freshly reconstructed urethra.
Then, I would come home and catheterize myself in bed.