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Synonyms for catheterize

insert a catheter into (a body part)

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Lori and Elvis have to catheterize him every four hours because his bladder isn't functioning independently.
For patients who catheterize but are not completely dry, Dr.
The campers were in various stages of learning how to catheterize themsleves effectively.
When children are able to sit in front of the television and play Nintendo, he suggests, they are able to learn how to change and possibly to catheterize themselves.
The presentation in this case was atypical of episodes of failure to catheterize.
The compact version is for women who catheterize by the urethra.
Understanding the clinical needs of individuals that catheterize, combined with our ability to identify next generation lubricant and process technologies, continues to position Mentor as a leading developer of urinary catheters," commented Joshua H.
So far, she is able to bathe herself (though she has to be helped into and out of the tub), she can catheterize herself, do some dressing, and she has learned minimal cooking skills.
What the data say to me is that if I plan to catheterize a patient on either the same day as initial treatment or the next morning, then both UFH and enoxaparin are fine.
Together with ConvaTec, we look forward to continuing to provide quality services and support for patients who self catheterize.
For example, the method and type of catheterization must be matched to patients' ability to maintain cleanliness and to their access to facilities that enable them to catheterize frequently and in a sanitary manner.
We are happy to say that she is completely dry and can catheterize herself.
The revolutionary, yet simple design provides an easy, less time-consuming way to catheterize both in and out of the home.