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insert a catheter into (a body part)

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After consultation with the urology and nephrology departments, she was catheterised for a second time for 10 days.
Using the odds ratios and a CI of 95%, table 3 shows patients with catheterised upper-extremities had a less than 72% chance of developing phlebitis than those with lower catheterised limbs (OR: 0.
Well," sighed the old chap with stoic resignation, "I have to be catheterised so it might be a while.
Examples of nurse-led excellence include a project by Newcastle Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and NHS North of Tyne to help reduce urinary tract infections in patients who are catheterised.
It has long been established that men should be catheterised following instillation of anaesthetic gel, while this was often seen as an optional extra for women.
Her bladder was catheterised and wine-coloured urine suggested haemoglobinuria.
It might also explain the high rates of infection in catheterised patients and the incidence of microbial contamination at protected wellheads.
A urine sample, obtained after he was catheterised, showed that he had suffered from a urethral plug that contained some struvite crystals, the precursor to bladder stones.