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insert a catheter into (a body part)

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It has long been established that men should be catheterised following instillation of anaesthetic gel, while this was often seen as an optional extra for women.
You could have flushed it out, catheterised yourself to remove suspect urine from your bladder.
Her bladder was catheterised and wine-coloured urine suggested haemoglobinuria.
He was catheterised revealing a 900m1 residual urinary volume.
The American Journal of Infection Control states that these catheters 'lead to overall cost savings when patients are catheterised for more than two weeks.
It might also explain the high rates of infection in catheterised patients and the incidence of microbial contamination at protected wellheads.
The patient should be catheterised to reduce pain and avoid the risk of causing, or exacerbating, renal failure.