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a thin flexible tube inserted into the body to permit introduction or withdrawal of fluids or to keep the passageway open

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Patients were treated with medical treatment with or without one of the following-percutaneous needle aspiration, percutaneous catheter drainage or open surgical drainage.
Laparoscopic fenestration versus percutaneous catheter drainage for lymphocele treatment after kidney transplantation," Transplantation Proceedings, vol.
For the typical 8mm internal diameter of catheter drainage tubing, the velocity needed to purge air can be calculated to be 28 cm/s, or 50,700 ml/hour.
2 Repeat CT scan images showing interval resolution of emphysematous cystitis after two weeks of antibiotics and foley catheter drainage.
If there is an intraabdominal abscess resistant to catheter drainage in the postoperative period or an intraabdominal soft tissue mass with a history of previous surgery, textiloma should be included in the differential diagnosis.
Percutaneous catheter drainage was considered a clinical success if the patient was cured and discharged from the hospital without surgical drainage, and a clinical failure if the patients required surgical drainage or died.
Conversely, most of those initially managed conservatively by catheter drainage fail to resolve.
Catheter drainage blockage occurred more commonly with single 10 FR catheters evacuating fluid with particles.
Prospective comparison of indwelling bladder catheter drainage versus no catheter after vaginal hysterectomy.
2) Management options include percutaneous catheter drainage, open drainage by pericardiotomy, or open drainage and repair by sternotomy/thoracotomy.
Pericardial tamponade and large pericardial effusion: causal and efficacy of percutaneous catheter drainage in 50 patients.
1,6) Factors to be taken into account are that this is an indirect measurement of IAP and it may interfere with the urinary catheter drainage system.
Unfortunately, infection control among persons with long-term indwelling catheters has not significantly advanced since the closed system of catheter drainage was introduced 3 decades ago [2].
We successfully treated this transcervical, transthoracic infection surgically via a transoral approach to the retropharyngeal abscess combined with catheter drainage and irrigation of the abscess cavity at a depth of 13 cm.