catherine wheel

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a circular firework that spins round and round emitting colored fire


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Includes a Catherine wheel, fountains, aerial Roman candles and a six-shot multi-aerial.
Catherine Wheels engages themes of death, loss, and rejection with a sobering kind of steadiness that almost obscures--and finally enhances--the long, slow trajectories of healing.
The Golden Section (1983) is a relic of Tharp's ambitious dance/musical The Catherine Wheel.
As Byrne's work for films and the stage goes, this recording ranks somewhere between his brilliant score for The Catherine Wheel and his dreary one for The Knee Plays.
It's THAT villa she lived in, the one under the palm, azure as a green catherine wheel against the sea, I tell the young guide who gets it all wrong, & THERE, her cousins stayed in the Hotel Villa Louise, behind the Isola Bella, amongst the trees.
The Catherine Wheel (1952) and A Winter's Tale (1954) are also novels.
It was followed by The Mountain Lion (1947), a study of a brother and sister in the years between childhood and adolescence; The Catherine Wheel (1952); and a novella, A Winter 's Tale (1954).
A Roman candle B Catherine wheel C Jumping jack D Sarah sparkler 8.
I will arrive in front of you going off like a Cacophonous Catherine Wheel of Chat, armed with hundreds of tall tales to tell.
I'm not scared of them, I just find them dead boring, but I accept other people enjoy them and they should be free to stare at a Catherine wheel as it ruins their Ronsealed fence.
A Catherine wheel B Tricorn C Yankee D Kangaroo QUESTION 12 - for 12 points: Which of baseball's National League teams has been World Series champions most times?
The moment the big bang in the sky could be felt as well as heard served as my cue to step off the Catherine Wheel merry-goround for another year.
MEGA BLASTER A value for money set of 19 fireworks comprising four Roman candles, 14 fountains and a Catherine wheel.
Titanic tussles between Desert Orchid and Panto Prince in the Victor Chandler Chase, Persian Punch and Royal Rebel in the Gold Cup, and Reference Point and Mtoto in the Eclipse weren't necessarily anticipated, while a potential classic rematch between Dancing Brave and Shahrastani in the King George fizzled out like a wet catherine wheel.