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a throne that is the official chair of a bishop

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Ex Cathedra is one of the UK's leading choirs with a repertoire spanning from the 12th to the 21st centuries.
Ex Cathedra artistic director Jeffrey Skidmore said: "Leamington Hastings is always a pleasure for us - we are made so welcome.
When we talk about ex cathedra, that means infallibility, I hope (Sereno) doesn't think that way because that's not good.
There is no set list of ex cathedra teachings, but that's because there are only two, and both are about Mary: her Immaculate Conception (declared by Pope Pius IX in 1854 and grandfathered in after the First Vatican Council's declaration of papal infallibility in 1870) and her bodily Assumption into heaven (declared by Pope Pius XII in 1950).
Robert Maskrey, chairman of the Lower Machen Festival Trust, said: 'To secure Ex Cathedra as headliners is a tremendous coup - it's one of the biggest groups ever to perform at the festival.
Christopher Morley Bach's St John Passion Ex Cathedra at Symphony Hall ?
Ex Cathedra and Baroque ensemble, Ex Cathedra Academy of Vocal Music, organ Andrew Fletcher, conductor Jeffrey Skidmore - Latin American Christmas: Birmingham Town Hall, 7.
And even if it could be argued that the Pope is not making an ex cathedra pronouncement, what about the Vatican II document Lumen Gentium, which states: "This religious submission of mind and will must be shown in a special way to the authentic Magisterium of the Roman Pontiff, even when he is not speaking ex cathedra; that is, it must be shown in such a way that his supreme Magisterium is acknowledged with reverence, the judgments made by him are sincerely adhered to, according to his manifest mind and will" (#25).
To this day, our cathedrals are marked by the prominence of a large chair located in the sanctuary as the sedes or cathedra of the local bishop.
Inside, Mahony will sit for the first time at his cathedra, or bishop's chair, during the reading of a letter by Pope John Paul II.
IN A STRANGE LAND Ex Cathedra at Adrian Boult Hall ?
CHORAL group Ex Cathedra will bring its musical season to a close with a concert built around Mozart.
EARLY music choir Ex Cathedra will give Birmingham Symphony Hall's annual Good Friday performance of Bach's St Matthew Passion.
He pointed out that the church's position against capital punishment "does not represent ex cathedra teaching" (i.