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Their love of markets is especially paradoxical as agency is exercised mostly through consumerism, but they cathect their anger to the big corporations who frustrate their individual freedom by diminishing their purchasing power.
First, its dark patch of Union blue carries overtones of male-male physical intimacy that the boy immediately cathects with his own erotic desire for his father, in a visceral "moment of queer vertiginous pleasure and self-loathing" (80).
He attempts what Jean-Paul Sartre, in the equally bizarre conclusion of Being and Nothingness, calls a "psychoanalysis of things" that unreadably cathects the conceptual with the material, wrenching a symbolic significance out of things.
In this regard one could reflect more deeply and say that 'the double twist' phenomenon, of which the CF is but a superficial and restricted formulation (circumscribed by the narrative mode of mythopoeia), echoes the dynamics of the human unconscious psyche as the human neonate crosses the threshold of birth, cathects the sensuous world and makes it his/her own milieu.
A particular attentional mobility that readily cathects representations that are more difficult to access in the awake state;
Their pious view of liberation cathects that concept from the realm of the social into that of the sentimental, much as the "grace" with which they endow movements for justice denatures those movements of their social dimension.
It explicated Irigaray's account of "normal" female development under patriarchy as a process of interminable mourning in which the little girl lacks the symbolic means of resolving the loss of the mother and so positively cathecting her own female body; in lieu of an ego she therefore cathects a lack which she proceeds to elaborate as such.
Resolutely she embraces numbness, death-in-life, with her kind but boring, much older husband, to whom she is little more than "a restful presence and a compliant body" (48), but her calm domestic silences mask an inner tumult which cathects in longing for her best friend's husband, Jack.