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A bachelor's living and loving occurred in an important environmental nexus for cathecting his social value and his bodily potential, and its very physical existence potentially subverted heteronormative manhood.
This romantic chaos does not emanate from the arabesque object itself, though, but rather ensues from the Western subject cathecting with the Eastern object.
Moreover, some of the names mentioned to illustrate an intellectual tradition discrepant with romantic historiography are not far removed from the romantic cathecting of Spain's imperial past.
It explicated Irigaray's account of "normal" female development under patriarchy as a process of interminable mourning in which the little girl lacks the symbolic means of resolving the loss of the mother and so positively cathecting her own female body; in lieu of an ego she therefore cathects a lack which she proceeds to elaborate as such.
What Austen, in Emma, contributes proleptically to Kristeva's analysis is the caveat that a woman abandoned by her mother, especially if that mother neglected or subjected her (making her subjectivity a function of her attachment to the mother), may be vulnerable to cathecting her libido onto an abusive erotic object choice: having encrypted her mother, the daughter thus plays out the usual matricide against herself.