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of or relating to cathexis

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The melancholic refuses to divest attachment from the absent other, denying the act of cathectic replacement that would end the "work" of mourning (MM 244).
and convert their freely mobile cathectic energy into a mainly quiescent (tonic) cathexis' (p.
They-are carried out bit by bit, at great expense of time and cathectic energy, and in the meantime the existence of the lost object is psychically prolonged.
If DeLillo might aptly be described as an iconoclastic antihumanist, Wallace is more of a sentimental posthumanist, a writer for whom the legacies of human spirit still carry a cathectic charge.
In the opening chapter 'Mimetic Desire', Fleming lays out Girard's evocative notion to better understand the intimate and cathectic relationship between human desire and violence.
Though an astute reader of Cheever's fiction, Scott Donaldson misses the point when he claims that "Gertrude Flannery, like Jupiter, knows no boundaries and is hence an anomaly in Shady Hill," as does Lawrence Jay Dessner when he includes Gertrude among those characters excluded from "[t]he story's supposedly unifying and unified structure." (37) Gertrude and Jupiter exist as cathectic sites in Shady Hill, taking on the neighbors' empathic displacements of their own transgressions.
Green (1988: 179-266) discloses the roots of this period of Weber's "deconstructive" style of conceptual analysis in the tradition of legal science, and provides a very sensitive description: Weber "conducts a concentrated containment, belittlement, and undermining of powerful cathectic concepts taken from the social context, using literary methods like parenthetic suspension of ordinary usage, metonymic emptying, and ironic inversion" (Green 1988:245).
As Hendershot concludes: "In Freud's theory, the paranoiac withdraws from the world (decathexis), directs his or her cathectic energy to the ego resulting in self-aggrandizement, and then attempts to reestablish a cathectic relationship with the world in the form of a delusional system" (31).
It is my only excuse for titling my films--that words can announce Light's-life, as it were, and prompt a chaotic display of illumination into Vision...and at the same time can tutor chaos into rhythmic mimic of cathectic thought.