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Grosz explains also the relationship between the individual and elements which become libidinally cathected parts of body image.
In a recent issue of CrossCurrents, Robert Jones and Melissa Stewart worry that certain unintended consequences of "Dixieland Postliberalism," of which I am identified as one of the arch-exponents, are being unwittingly cathected in unsuspecting divinity students.
This is so, chiefly, because the nettle that Astarabadi made bold to grasp was one in which the various and multifarious nerves of a distinctively Shii piety were cathected, as it were.
18) Thus, his bare black skin becomes not only publicly exposed by the camera but animatedly cathected by its producing, figuratively and literally, what Achille Mbembe calls a state of erection.
At the same time, the humanist interest in exploring the multifariousness of existence in order to gain an insight into the workings of the universe could not be further removed from the eclectic plateau of this exhibition, in which disparate components are mixed together with remarkable sparkle and wit, yet without once admitting occupied or cathected commitment to the meanings of their original parts.
I am inclined to think that the manifest splitting of his oneiric self-image may be indicative of his more tentative relation to his own actual male genital body image which, given Ulaqayi's professed desire to have a vagina, seems to be narcissistically weakly cathected.
In several instantes the highly charged emotional bond was libidinally cathected through a third person, a shared woman.
Near to the end of the night with the litter everywhere and empty tin sounds and smoke wallowing in the bubble bath it was only cathected negation and me left.
She is cathected onto things not because she is enchanted by their material or use value, but rather by virtue of their personal association with people, and that's the problem.
See also Grosz: "External objects, implements and instruments with which the subject continually interacts become, while they are being used, intimate, vital and even libidinally cathected parts of the body image.
In such a state, an event remote in space-time could fulfill the role of a congruent life event, which then serves as a stepping-stone or hat-rack onto which the dreamer or the "agent" (in case of a so-called "poltergeist") projects a strongly cathected (highly charged) inner conflict or impulse, which presses towards dramatization in the outside world.
And he suggested that the ego state that is most highly cathected at any given time is dominant or aroused and is felt as the self.
were] highly charged," at "the morning wakening and the evening preparations for bedtime," an d when the child was sick, (34) it is likely that she was more highly cathected than the modern day-care worker.
For ideals are, in some basic way, cathected narcissistically; they have to do with one's sense of self as much as one's relation to others.
This process "demands a shift away from the deeply cathected inertia of fixed, sedimented identities and toward an engagement in the process of re-identification" (Ibid.