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inject with libidinal energy

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Most significantly, it represses the mother-child affection, which only comes to the surface as an undercurrent in cathected material objects and in the already discussed unconventional, "incorrect" liminal writing.
There is no 'viewing in the round,' but rather looking is cathected along a very particular directional axis.
Stranger, perhaps, is just how much the two works resemble one another: both elegiac; both focussed on an idealised male figure in a highly cathected, glamourised landscape; and both constructing out of this an emblem of the nationalist writer's vocation.
To please and win affection of a cathected [other]" (p.
Second, the physical repetition allows for the street to become a cathected part of the body image, linking the character's body itself.
For Freud, melancholia is the pathological flip side of mourning, which may include not only the death of another person, but 'a loss of a more ideal kind,' which 'would suggest that melancholia is in some way related to an unconscious loss of a love-object' (4) in which a significant amount of libidinal energy has been cathected.
autobiographical sequence, I do not chink his image is cathected with
They ponder the accoutrements that, in a different register, might mark the soldiers as effeminate and superficial, macaronis or fops--the monogrammed spatterdashes and carefully-tied hair braids--as highly cathected emblems of feeling and loss.
As Winnicott explains, there is a paradox in the concept of transitional objects: "the baby creates the object, but the object was there waiting to be created and to become a cathected object" ("Use" 89).
27) For such conquerors, to directly participate in such appalling viciousness would be to jeopardize their highly cathected self-images, to threaten their sense of humanity, so the job was delegated to an obvious proxy, "domesticated" animals--rendering the gore available for vicarious, thus self-image-preserving, enjoyment.
There is the possibility that his presence as a typically active boy figure goes some way to reinforcing the heterosexual resolution of Coraline's oedipal crisis in which the girl is sexually cathected to the male.
Too much toxicity stands in the way of what might otherwise be a surprising or felicitous contact, indeed, a form of highly cathected entanglement, even the kind of unwilled up-againstness that belongs to a wretched bond.
Indeed, it seems that the amnesiac quality of automobility has rusted out the power of memory cathected on the land:
Under this idea, positively referenced by Freud (see 168), consciousness becomes static and locked onto a specific object, imbuing it with cathected energy until it can be released (Lipps 72-73).
A powerful, subjective effect, visual fascination is cathected by energy borrowed from the other senses.