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inject with libidinal energy

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I should say that the phrase you pick out makes me think: things don't cathect; people cathect.
In competitive situations, the opposite would be true (i.e., others' effective actions are negatively cathected and others' ineffective actions are positively cathected) and in individualistic situations the feelings generated by success or failure to achieve one's goals tend not to transfer to other individuals.
The sentence proposes that Joe's "primal scene" is memorially cathected before being first forgotten (memory "believes" but then ceases to "recollect") and then, later, consciously remembered (memory "believes before knowing remembers").
He is able to successfully mourn his losses and is ready to cathect his psychic energies onto new objects of attachment (lines 34-39).
As readers they cathect onto Austen's novels precisely because they appear to have no plots.
Lois Cucullu's interesting reading of Howards End in "'Only Cathect': Queer Heirs and Narrative Desires in Howards End" argues that E.
a strategy of willed distance from particular objects in the world and the needs and desires that connect or cathect individuals to them" (1995, 67).
For example, when individuals cathect their perceptions of outside objects, they become more important and valuable.
The Freudian model is that love, or sexual energy, is a force within the individual looking for an object on which to cathect. The Confucian model of the self combines both points in a broader picture.
It is therefore a little too self-evident that he was driven to cathect or invest (besetzen) his cousin('s name) by a desire to efface the stain from his title: "But one sad losel soils a name for aye, / However mighty in the olden time, / Nor all that heralds rake from coffin'd clay / Nor florid prose, nor honied lies of rhyme / Can blazon evil deeds, or consecrate a crime" (Childe Harold I.23-27).
It is as if that which sparks the meat-tongue and heaves the diaphragm into such shaping of air as we call "speech" can also cathect, haunt, invest light waves, sparkled optics, and the electricity of thought into memorable coherency without any loss of one's sense of chaos (i.e., chaos: "a state of things in which chance is supreme," as Webster's has it).
In her development of this concept, she notes how Western intellectuals lack knowledge of the history of imperialism and defines this lack, what is not known, as "the epistemic violence that constituted/effaced a subject that was obliged to cathect (occupy in response to desire) the space of the Imperialists' self-consolidating other" (209).
The unapologetic anatomic details that Brave Orchid employs in her description suggest that she and the participants enjoy the feast not only gustatorily, but as a celebration of their toughness, of their ability to eat, and not cathect, the monkey.
As to the professionals, 'both men and women cathect virtuosos.
represents, in projection, the inability to cathect an element of the pleasure-physiologic body ego sufficiently so as to endow it with turgor" (p.