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They belong to different families: The condors are cathartids (American vultures), while the Old World vultures accipitrids (the family of the hawks and eagles).
The posterior turbinal is most extensive in taxa with a well-developed olfactory sense, such as some cathartid vultures (Bang 1964), tube-nosed birds (Wood Jones 1937a,b; Bang 1966; Wenzel 1986), and kiwis (Matthes 1934; Portmann 1961).
The nasal organs of the Black and Turkey Vultures; a comparative study of the cathartid species Coragyps atratus atratus and Cathartes aura septentrionalis (with notes on Cathartes aura falklandica, Pseudogyps bengalensis, and Neophron percnopterus).
Additionally, a review of the literature did not discover a single natural observation of cathartids feeding on birds (Graber & Graber 1954, Stiles & Skutch 1989, Estrella-Rodriquez 1991, Di Giacomo 2005) with the exception of a case of cannibalism (Eitniear & McGehee 1994).