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Synonyms for catharsis

Synonyms for catharsis

the act or process of discharging bodily wastes or foreign substances

Synonyms for catharsis

(psychoanalysis) purging of emotional tensions

purging the body by the use of a cathartic to stimulate evacuation of the bowels

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Crucial to the argument is a new interpretation of Politics 8.7, where musical catharsis is taken to belong, not to the realm of "entertainment" (7iai&id), but to that of "leisurely activity" ([phrase omitted]).
The Pakatan Harapan's stunner makes the 2018 publication of Ooi Kee Beng's Catharsis: A Second Chance for Democracy in Malaysia timely and immeasurably relevant.
Iran's short piece 'My Heart', directed by Yasser Talebi, was awarded at International Film Festival 'Catharsis' in Russia.
He explores its later application in Western culture, looking at the object of seduction, the memorial object: between wound and catharsis, the magical object: animating the inanimate, creating worlds: the mythopoetic force of objects, theatricalizing the fetish-object, the alterity of matter, and the object-icon.
Perhaps this is some kind of catharsis for the Afghans.
Purpose: To compare the effect of cilostazol plus aspirin versus aspirin alone on the progression of intracranial arterial stenosis (IAS), and to compare ischemic and hemorrhagic events in patients with symptomatic IAS, an investigator-driven, nationwide multicenter cooperative randomized controlled trial (CATHARSIS; Identifier 00333164) was conducted.
Last year, she released the album 'Catharsis' which reflects her love for the genre.
Catharsis Creations Limited, Jendub Limited, Stopree Medical Services Limited, Blackmore Consulting Limited, Multigrain Consulting Limited and Mopan Consulting Limited, having ceased to trade and having its registered office at Unit 26 J,Building 6500,Cork Airport Business Park, Cork and having its principal place of business at Unit 26 J, Building 6500, Cork Airport Business Park, Cork, and has no assets exceeding [euro]150 and having no liabilities exceeding [euro]150, has resolved to notify the Registrar of Companies that the company is not carrying on business and to request the Registrar on that basis to exercise his/her powers pursuant to section 733 of the Companies Act 2014 to strike the name of the company off the register.
Bollywood actor Anupam Kher, who has lent his voice to the Award Winning documentary Awake: The Life of Yogananda, says that he has done the project as a catharsis for himself and to understand the theory of the guru.
Upon the invitation of the Lebanese Center for Drama Therapy " Catharsis", with the support of the European Union and under the auspices of the Minister of Interior and Municipalities Nouhad Mashnouk, 40 prisoners who were sentenced to death or life imprisonment had presented a drama show for an hour and a half.
Aside from the economic suffering and unemployment that people are facing today, they have at least received a wonderful Christmas gift, which promises a better tomorrow; that is the start of catharsis!
While never adopting the preachy tone of a self-help book, Mucha's thoughtful consideration of what made her breakup so difficult is so relatable, any readers still trying to "get over it" will walk away with a sense of catharsis.
VMRO-DPMNE and BDI surely experienced the bright moments of catharsis with certain reservation with both parties.
Then he considers the five additional concepts of unity, metaphor, style, universality, and catharsis. Tragedy is implied generally, so he devotes a chapter to comic theory and structure.
1458) defined the word catharsis in his Greek tragedy Poetics as the "purging of the spirit" (see also Peter & Beyer, 1997), which has a corrective and healing effect; meaning that people experience an emotional cleansing and release after watching a tragedy.