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Synonyms for catharsis

Synonyms for catharsis

the act or process of discharging bodily wastes or foreign substances

Synonyms for catharsis

(psychoanalysis) purging of emotional tensions

purging the body by the use of a cathartic to stimulate evacuation of the bowels

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With the help of this foundation and the Catharsis center, Daccache wants to make theater, and a sound state of mind, accessible for everybody.
There are few opportunities for the catharsis of an individual since our society has become extremely unsafe and the institutions that used to assist in this process are fast becoming dysfunctional.
The unresolved tension is clear, for example, when Fendt explains that catharsis relates to different types of culture and to different ethical levels in the audience, physical, moral, and religious; the 'vision' of the highest, religious, level is 'of a noncompetitive, infinitely sharable, but intimate and personal good' (199), theoria.
While all experience is authentic and real for the experiencer, judgments about who is truly possessed ('the poor thing') and who is working out stress in an emotional catharsis ('to her health' they say afterwards) are common in the discursive world of trancers" (52).
Scott Fitzgerald called 'the catharsis of a powerful emotion,'" Matthews said.
Since most of us are caught up in the horrible cultural and political divisions in our country just now, as apparently Crutcher is as well, this is a satisfying catharsis.
Now, as part of the often painful catharsis of social change, serious efforts are being made to document formally and publicly aspects of apartheid through the mechanism of the museum and introduce active museum going to a section ofthe populace hitherto culturally marginalised.
In gender-divisive societies such as Islamic countries, bellydance generally provides the same practicalities but also serves as a social dance offering catharsis of inhibitions, shared only in private quarters among women.
Finally, writing one's memoirs is a process of deep and stringent self-analysis; it was a catharsis for me.
Our preaching is not an opportunity for the preacher to self-explore or to have an opportunity for personal catharsis.
MONTGOMERY, Alabama, December 1 /PRNewswire/ -- Catharsis, a California not-for-profit corporation releases astounding HIV viral test results for Buz Crump, a 50-year-old gay businessman diagnosed as having HIV/AIDS for 10 years.
The three most recognized stages of bibliotherapy are (1) identification, (2) catharsis, and (3) insight (Forgan, 2002; Halsted, 1994); however, another less mentioned in the literature yet especially interesting for teachers working with math anxious students, is universalization (Slavson, 1950), the recognition that our problems are not alone.
He absolutely butchers Gerald Else's famous argument on the Poetics by consistently misapplying the terms hamartia and catharsis and failing to make any conceptual space for peripety in the movement of the tragic plot.
Eminem may fit into that tradition of lyrical catharsis and boulevard jeremiads, but he certainly didn't create it.
Like many authors, Holloway found that researching and writing about the rituals of death became the catharsis for her own pain.