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Synonyms for catharsis

Synonyms for catharsis

the act or process of discharging bodily wastes or foreign substances

Synonyms for catharsis

(psychoanalysis) purging of emotional tensions

purging the body by the use of a cathartic to stimulate evacuation of the bowels

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Starting with A Clockwork Orange, Desilet reviews violence in the media and, along the way, examines the structure of horror, the origin and nature of evil, the Greek mythic tradition, melodrama and catharsis, fairy tales, and video games.
This front-page event was attended by a transfixed mob (including many former Pruitt-lgoe residents) that reportedly let out a dull roar as the buildings fell--and it is this spectacle of collective catharsis, more than the simple fact of the buildings' demise, that drives the drawings and sculptures in Michael Rakowitz's New York solo debut.
Because these excerpts have dramatic continuity and the themes of love, death, art, and wild nature are not static symbols but moving forces, the action culminates--there is catharsis.
The event is a modern enactment of tribal warfare, ancient mythologizing, Grecian catharsis, Roman circuses - all rolled into one; at its best producing the breathtaking moments of poetry and virtuosity that transcend the limits of national pride and rabid xenophobia.
Instead of seriously addressing the crisis of poor children, our public officials and pundits are having one big spasm of self-congratulatory catharsis for the middle class.
The purpose was to restore the dignity of the victims of oppression and to give them the chance for catharsis.
Here, pleasure and pain, as well as catharsis and cathexis, have a role.
First, as a serious approach toward the world public, the Macedonian government should accept the judgment worthily, without instigating national catharsis and euphoria.
Perhaps that is ultimately why it is a traumatic image, incapable of resolution or catharsis, taken on the cusp of life and death.
At the end of this novel, a catharsis occurs that clears away the secrets that have kept them from their dreams, and with this cleansing comes hope for Keisha.
There was kind of a catharsis for finally employing all the parts of yourself that up until that point had only caused you pain," he observes.
Dendy says he experienced something like a personal catharsis working with psychiatrist Ronald L.
A major portion of the "Revival" chapter is dedicated to a sermon that offers the churchgoers a form of catharsis from the psychological pressures of their external environment.
The film highlights in a particularly striking way five key problems that have gotten progressively worse since the civil-rights era: 1) an ahistorical and ultimately quietistic way of thinking about politics; 2) a cloudiness about purpose and a related tendency to rely simplistically on race as the central category of political and historical analysis; 3) a reluctance to confront and analyze intraracial conflict; 4) a romantic notion of leadership, and 5) powerful tendencies to reduce politics to catharsis or theater.
Hence the catharsis after the victory of Antik, McCalebb, Gecevski, Ilievski and friends.