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Synonyms for caterwaul

to quarrel noisily

Synonyms for caterwaul

the yowling sound made by a cat in heat

Related Words

utter shrieks, as of cats


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In response to an estrual female, toms might caterwauler (make a harsh cry).
MOST excruciating knockback, obviously, was the genuinely disturbing sight of former docusoap caterwauler JANE McDONALD pleading for work live on This Morning.
To muster their zeal for the incorporeal beasts they sang hymns composed specially about Puma concolor, under the direction of an officer known as the Grand Caterwauler. There is also a good chance, however, that the holy relic of their faith a track of the sacred animal discovered by the good reverend on a hike, not unlike Joseph Smith stumbling over the golden tablets, was fraudulent.
For the New York City trio are the latest generation of dirty, scuzzy lowdown blues caterwaulers to take their cue from Howling Wolf, Captain Beefheart and the 13th Floor Elevators to make something entirely their own.
The caterwaulers' argument is based on something called "intergenerational accounting": comparing Social Security and Medicare's projected outlays to payroll-tax (a.k.a.
Especially when it shells out cash to `good causes' such as Winston Churchill's piggy bank, the Covent Garden caterwaulers and Eton's playing fields.