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Synonyms for caterwaul

to quarrel noisily

Synonyms for caterwaul

the yowling sound made by a cat in heat

Related Words

utter shrieks, as of cats


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Fold The Cloth crackled with static, Ploughing Out shimmered like a blanket of stars before erupting like a brilliant supernova, while Seaside, Low Tide was a woozy, off-kilter delight Falcon Eyed's thumping four to the floor beat rocked us off our hinges with its feverish krautrock leanings, and there was plenty of gothic mystery about Greta (complete with trumpet invader) as Le Bon caterwauled at the moon.
Just now, when asked to eat Pete's pension illustration, it vomited its contents, caterwauled like a banshee, and then hit me with a shower of blue sparks
Two guitar players sat at the rear of the cramped stage where they strummed and caterwauled behind a stern-but-graceful tank of a woman whose general girth reminded both Diego and me of Thrasher videographer P-Stone.
Rupert constantly caterwauled Don McLean's1971 chart-topper while on the set of their movie, The Next Best Thing.
Comfortable and smart T-shirts/ polo dresses, high necklines and cargos for the bold, the beautiful and young happening to wear is no longer tedious; minimal and futuristic is what London Fashion Week SS19 caterwauled This London Fashion Week was the trailer of what's coming next -- the retail and couture revolution that will propel the business of fashion forward.