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Synonyms for caterwaul

to quarrel noisily

Synonyms for caterwaul

the yowling sound made by a cat in heat

Related Words

utter shrieks, as of cats


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Their top 10 of words that deserve to be used more often is: caterwaul (howling or wailing noise), concinnity (harmonious arrangement or fitting together), flapdoodle (nonsense), knavery (roguish act), melange (mixture), obambulate (to walk about), opsimath (a person who studies late in life), philistine (hostile to culture and the arts), rapscallion (rascal) and subtopia (unsightly suburb and development).
A cat caterwauls a sexual brand of labor over a wall I never intend to pass.
I don't want to sound like I think all metal bands sound the same - they really don't - but sometimes it's interesting to see just how a band will differentiate itself from the metallic, screeching caterwaul.
The juxtapositions play out as an emotional tumult, a storm the percussion caterwaul well underscores.
MEET Smokey, the moggie who puts the "ow" in miaow and the "cat" in caterwaul.
In Elevator and Survivor Loosen Up My Buttons they might dress, strut and caterwaul like very clean and well co-ordinated hookers - but sassy and classy is actually what they are, explained Nicole in her sweet Southern accent.
Set in a church or a courtroom - or maybe one's the same as the other back in 1692 - teenage girls caterwaul, Kirstie Alley, Gloria Reuben and others overact fiercely, and Henry Czerny stands around looking bewildered (appropriately, given the circumstances).
The caterwaul of drums and guitars rocks as hard as any band out there, and the sound of lead singer Brook Reeves hammering the words, "Hammered.
3) That he still wanted Kat after hearing her caterwaul at karaoke (X Factor, eat ya heart out).
To Elliott's female-specific caterwaul, retorts and general reinforcement is provided by a pantheon of rent-a-guests, including Ludacris, Da Brat, Eve, Busta Rhymes and Ginuwine.
On a subsequent night, he was awakened by the caterwaul that jolted him from the arms of Morpheus and first revealed to him the moonlit family of jaguars.
So Fold The Cloth crackles with static, Ploughing Out shimmers like a blanket of stars before erupting with all the panache of a particularly brilliant supernova, while Seaside, Low Tide is a woozy, off-kilter delight Falcon Eyed's thumping four to the floor beat rocks us off our hinges with its feverish krautrock leanings, and there's plenty of gothic mystery about the spectral Greta (complete with trumpet invader cutting through the dissonance) as Le Bon caterwauls at the moon.
The screams on songs such as "Kasam Rocket," "East" and "Femur" are so loud and prolonged that they practically seep into the background - massive caterwauls that seem to extend to infinity, all to the beat of enormous percussion.
As two tall stage-side video monitors flashed jittery EKG-like images of shifting, popping jagged lines, Yorke's swooping vocals push their limits, running from a warm gentleness one second into weird caterwauls and anguished wailing the next.
I mean, far be it from me to say that in my opinion she's over-rated, caterwauls the house down and is lucky she hasn't been dumped before.