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In section twelve of the poem, in a sly satiric act of ventriloquism, Mir has Sinclair Lewis's Babbitt, the businessman-protagonist of the novel named after him, sing his own version of "Song of Myself." Speaking in the voice of "I, Babbitt, a cosmos, a child of Manhattan," Mir demands that the countries of Central and South America be brought to him on the caterpillar treads of tanks, and, amidst awful smells, they are.
On the caterpillar treads of tanks bring me the Antilles.
O'Donnell claimed Paul had lied because the former Texas congressman claimed "tanks" had been used in Boston streets, and the military-style armored cars and humvees used on Boston streets had wheels instead of the caterpillar treads employed by tanks.
After that it was neither uphill nor downhill all the way on the bombardier, which runs on caterpillar treads. With one track out we just went round in circles as outside the wind whipped up the snow and the chill factor increased.
Another recent application exploits Nyrim's excellent impact and fatigue resistance in track pads for caterpillar treads on heavy equipment working in peat bogs, swampland, and membrane-lined landfill sites.