caterpillar track

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an endless metal belt on which tracked vehicles move over the ground

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Nissan Motor Company (NASDAQ: NSANY)(TYO: 7201), a Japan-based automaker, has developed a caterpillar track equipped Jike Nismo RS, which it has called the Nismo RSnow.
A quarter cited poor road conditions such as potholes as a problem, so the bike is fitted with an all-terrain caterpillar track in place of its rear wheel.
Three cylinders, four liter capacity, two caterpillar tracks, a drip pan like a small bathtub, a gear case as big as a dresser, and that was about it.
The power pack is self-transporting on the construction site by means of caterpillar tracks and an operator controls the Silent Piler by means of a wireless radio control transmitter.
Outside, there were live demonstrations of military SUVs and other light armour vehicles, plus an obstacle course so you could really see how caterpillar tracks work.
The Mark I's rhomboid shape, caterpillar tracks, and 26-foot (8m) length meant that it could navigate obstacles, especially wide trenches, that wheeled vehicles could not.
During road construction, when applying the tack coat between layers of asphalt, there is a danger of damage from tyres and caterpillar tracks of construction vehicles disrupting effective adhesion, thereby reducing the durability of the road structure.
Auto Business News-July 24, 2017--Dacia launches Duster Ambulance with caterpillar tracks in Romania
Their rhomboid shape, caterpillar tracks, and 26ft long body meant they could navigate trenches and craters, and smash through barbed wire.
Caterpillar tracks can also be placed under the robot - a function developed in collaboration with robotics firm AcoTech from Eindhoven - to enable it to travel autonomously across the building site.
One photograph of the tank clearly shows that it has been constructed on top of another vehicle, leaving its caterpillar tracks pretty much redundant.
Jack Holland reunited with his family after driving a David Brown tractor equipped with caterpillar tracks |through massive snowdrifts to reach them at their isolated home at Castle Hill.
Loaded with caterpillar tracks on the underside, the grass sledge can hit some pretty heady speeds on your local slopes and has a couple of control bars to handle steering and stopping.
According to eyewitnesses, the deceased were protesting against the town administration for tearing down their livelihoods stood dangerously close to rear of the excavator when it suddenly moved backwards crushing them under its iron caterpillar tracks.
As their caterpillar tracks roll over the blasted landscape, they're called on to take towns, rescue Allied soldiers and neutralise the remaining Germans in their formidable Tiger tanks.