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slanted across a polygon on a diagonal line

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The work was also catercorner to Egyptian Landscape, 1964, which employed pronounced white grid margins similar to those in the "Color Chart" (although these were strikingly asymmetrical in comparison) yet used them to frame photorealist pictures.
Meisner signed his star artist/sculptor, Michael Wilkinson, at Artexpo when Wilkinson was exhibiting in a sculptor's booth catercorner to Meisner's own.
Bernard Spitzer's massive Corinthian, catercorner from Waterside to the south on the west side of First Avenue, has 57 stories.
10) Significantly, one of this Chicago architect's most successful attempts to answer this challenge stands catercorner to York and Sawyer's Law Quad in the imposing form of the Michigan Union.
When his mother died in 1929, Rockefeller Center was under construction and Saks was already standing catercorner across Fifth Avenue.