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slanted across a polygon on a diagonal line

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Lakeridge, with its 400 senior citizens, sits cater-corner from the proposed site.
The crowd - with its vile language, the occasional assault or vandalism and all - migrated to the lawns, benches and fountain of the park blocks several hundred yards away, cater-corner from the Lane County Courthouse.
Homeowners included in the group are Dawn Jablonski, whose home would be cater-cornered from the warehouse, and Heather Maldonado, who lives on nearby Dierking Terrace.
Cater-cornered near Town Hall, the post office and the town library, the vacant building stands out like a sore thumb.
Columbia is building its facility cater-cornered to Baptist Health's new Springhill hospital.
Some councilors on Wednesday weren't ready to give up on the block south of the Hilton and cater-cornered from the Hult Center for the Performing Arts.