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arrange in a series of rings or chains, as for spores


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We can conclude that more adsorption sites may affect the adsorption and separation capabilities, as in IRMOF-9, catenated structure with additional adsorption sites can adsorb more propane, and the maximum adsorbed amount of propane is two times better than that of MIL-53(Al), resulting in the better adsorption and better selectivity.
An interesting extension of our results would be to consider figures with no merging function, where catenation is a partial operation defined for those figures that do not overlap when catenated.
To subscribe to the revisionist narrative requires the unwarranted relegation of two securely established analytical principles: that social formations are pervasively integrated and interdependent structures of institutional and cultural configuration; and that the historical processes variably reproducing and transforming those structures are not random or irregular, but unfold in path-dependent sequences that give rise to catenated trajectories of varying temporal duration.
Steques to be catenated need to have the same level; otherwise, their elements have different types.
Therefore, a PXDOM path to v is (a) an XDOM path to some vertex x [element of] micro(v) catenated with (b) an x-to-v path inside micro(v).