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arrange in a series of rings or chains, as for spores


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The kinetoplast consists of an enormous network of catenated circular mtDNA (kDNA) comprising short minicircles and much larger maxicircles and thus represents a considerable topological challenge in replication and segregation [295].
For the ith pair of drug-target, D[T.sup.i], whose target is encoded by the principal components of AAindex1 property AAP, it can be catenated and formulated as a (1444 + 1400)-D input vector given by
From the aspect of the structure of IRMOF-9, it is composed of two IRMOF-10 frameworks which are catenated together, so it may result in strong interactions with the adsorbate molecules in the interweaving apertures [36], whereas the larger pores constructed by the organic linkers are less energetic, There are two adsorption sites in the interpenetrated apertures: one is near the cup-like a(-COO)3, and the other is near the interpenetrated two Zn4O clusters.
Terminus replication and the subsequent resolution of catenated or dimeric daughter chromosomes occur near midcell after origin-proximal regions have been moved toward the two poles earlier in the cell cycle [Figure 2]a.
where the, indicates that the 3 x r matrix is catenated onto the 3 x 1 vector X(t; 0) to construct a 3 x (r + 1) matrix.
We use the attribute "directed" to emphasize the way figures are catenated; this should not be confused with the meaning of "directed" in e.g.