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  • verb

Synonyms for categorize

to distribute into groups according to kinds

Synonyms for categorize

place into or assign to a category

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If only there were a way to categorize the information.
Department of Education (DoEd) had used artificial neural network technology to analyze and categorize some electronic materials at the end of the Clinton Administration.
Categorization - ContentCleanup scans and categorizes files into file types: History, Cookies, Documents, or Temporary Internet files; as well as 28 different content categories, ranging from Adult/Mature to Sports and Travel.
net is a news aggregator with unique technology to find and categorize news into 300,000 topics, from Autos to ZIP code level local news.
Viapoint's unique ability to automatically organize and categorize information puts all of a user's information in the right place - in context - helping users find what they need, when they need it.
The router identifies the specific point sources of each email and categorizes the sources dynamically, based on the likelihood that each source is sending spam.
SurfControl reviews and categorizes Web sites in more than 65 languages and 200 countries, and over 35,000 new URLs are added every week.
Performing content analysis on both text and images, the technology categorizes its findings into 58 categories, such as music, shopping, gambling, dating, sports, drugs, weapons, etc.
Secure Computing's support for Blue Coat's ProxySG appliance gives customers access to SmartFilter's international Control List, which continuously categorizes millions of Web sites into content groups including pornography, gambling, and MP3.
With RetrievalWare 8, customers now have a single integrated platform that categorizes and organizes all content including unstructured text, image, video and paper assets, in addition to a variety of structured data sources.
The Content Integrator retrieves the search results from multiple sources, which the Clustering Engine then automatically categorizes into meaningful subject folders.
It then automatically categorizes, links, personalizes and delivers that information.
Vivisimo's unique proprietary technology automatically categorizes textual information on-the-fly from one or many sources -- internal or external.
SmartFilter's international Control List continuously categorizes millions of Web sites into content groups, including pornography, gambling, and MP3.
Cerberian's DRTR service, based on Neural Net (artificial intelligence) technology, is an embedded and online service that dynamically reads, rates and categorizes Web sites on the fly.