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Both the Balaong and Madlum rivers in Region 3 were categorized as Class "B" or recreational water intended for primary contact recreation.
-252 aircraft installed and activated with Ku technology (categorized as AOL);
In total, 724 companies were categorized as State Specialists for 2018.
Most of areas categorized as public lands are occupied and covered with residential and commercial structures.
Based on application market is categorized into biomarker development, proteomic analysis, genetic analysis, CTC analysis and epigenetic analysis.
Terrorism in the region cannot be categorized as good and bad, Taherian said in Ankara on Thursday.
These were then categorized into three types: major, moderate, and minor.
Direct nerve repair/neurorrhaphy is further categorized into epineural repair, perineural repair, and group fascicular repair.
A larger percentage of persons categorized as obese (43.3%) had abnormal cholesterol than persons categorized as normal weight or overweight (13.8% and 22.3%, respectively).
During a discussion at Parliament's Planning and Budget Commission on Sunday, Garo Paylan from the pro-Kurdish People's Democratic Party (HDP) took the floor and asked Ala whether the country's minority groups have been categorized by number as they are given codes such as 1, 2 and so no.
Their thinking is deliberative rather than automatic and, even after they've categorized someone by race, they're often not certain that they're correct."
The direct nerve repair/neurorrhaphy surgery segment is further categorized into epineural repair, perineural repair, and group fascicular repair.
The different focuses keep this from being easily categorized but makes it accessible to a wide audience as the author/journalist searches for her great-great-grandmother's past and documents the ghost that haunts their lives in the present.
314 (39 per cent) were categorized as high overall risk
Now in their 70s and early 80s, they were categorized as healthy agers or usual agers.