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  • verb

Synonyms for categorize

to distribute into groups according to kinds

Synonyms for categorize

place into or assign to a category

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Because of its ability to make these fine distinctions, ART 2 is able to categorize a "noisy" or imperfect image, Carpenter says.
Department of Education (DoEd) had used artificial neural network technology to analyze and categorize some electronic materials at the end of the Clinton Administration.
No KM software tools cover all aspects of enterprise KM, but working to efficiently classify and categorize information is common among all products.
It's our goal to categorize the entire Web, and make truly intelligent search a reality," said Harinarayan.
Powerful, unique program enables IT Marketers to get an immediate jump on valuable prospects by allowing them to categorize, prioritize, cultivate and deliver highly-actionable leads for their sales force in real-time.
com and categorizes it as “Nudity,” independently reviewer B receives the same URL and reviews it as “Nudity” so the URL is added to the master URL Review database.
It automatically organizes and categorizes relevant information, keeps track of what has changed, alerts users to new information, creates high-quality summaries, and seamlessly integrates with existing enterprise applications.
To facilitate this, my firm developed a technique called MTS, which categorizes client resources into three broad areas - money, time and skill - and sets priorities based on greatest scarcity.
Categorization -- ContentCleanup scans and categorizes files into file types: History, Cookies, Documents, or Temporary Internet files; as well as 28 different content categories, ranging from Adult/Mature to Sports and Travel.