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Synonyms for categorize

to distribute into groups according to kinds

Synonyms for categorize

place into or assign to a category

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A medida que se va organizando y diferenciando progresivamente, se trata de una forma mas estable, conceptual y categorizable.
One cannot think queerness through the world of the recognizable and categorizable identities because these identities are precisely what queerness is upending.
y categorias para la dimension concepcion de mundo, que fue dado por la frecuencia de alusiones a aspectos de esta dimension, y las diferencias en cuanto a contenido tematico categorizable para estas alusiones (Veanse Totales, Tabla 1).
Richard McCann's 'The Diarist', beloved by the jurors, consists of a series of binary oppositions (the majority culture's signposts of stark masculinity, versus the eleven-year-old boy's inclinations to femininity) which imply that all of us are a little bit gay on the inside (the academically beaten-to-death thesis of the social construction of gender and sexuality); we are all potentially categorizable as minorities crimeless victims, suffering from no-one's delusions (the diary, after all, conveniently rescues us).
Again, I feel, Crafts's narrator is not convincingly categorizable as African American in this comparison.
It has been difficult to fit Gelli into the canon of Italian literary history precisely because of the tendency in his work to ignore categorizable models and paradigms of classification.
Asimismo, se sistematizo graficamente cada producto (Figura 1) a partir de una relacion proporcional, por medio de una cuadricula dimensional, para examinar la morfologia entendida como el "orden, que comporta una estructura, es decir, una lectura categorizable a partir de un conjunto de elementos, relaciones, jerarquias, ordenes y propositos, haciendo del objeto la concrecion de una coherencia formal" (Sanchez, 2005:7).
Finally, there's her psychological trek from the darkness of primal loss into the light of emotional health, as well as making peace with her niche in a music world that favors easily categorizable artists.
She said: "I'm not that categorizable, if that's a word.
The poem takes traditional social signs of gender and presents them as unreliably readable or categorizable at the same time that it conveys such categorical failures generically.
Que no todo lo reunido en la sensibilidad pasa al entendimiento, porque si todo fuese categorizable se anularia nuestra sensibilidad.
Quid Pro Quo as a Superfluous and Otherwise Categorizable Form of Harassment
Routines are identical to the scripted or mindless behaviour that occurs when there are event schema, categorizable stimulus clues, action rules, minimal required effort, an absence of unstructured subroutines and an absence of interruptions and unmet expectations (March and Simon 1958).
As argued elsewhere (Hekkert & Snelders, 1995; Hekkert & van Wieringen, 1990; Whitfield, 1983, 2000), typicality can only be a predictor of aesthetic preference when stimuli are categorizable or meaningful.
Yet, the music that we play may not be easily categorizable in the jazz tradition," Eskelin says by phone from his home in New York City.