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a group of people or things arranged by class or category

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The Central Banks enforcement investigation identified significant failures by the Firm in respect of client categorisation under the Conduct of Business Rules.
the Firms failure to have in place adequate policies and procedures for client categorisation.
This part of categorisation should be a private agreement between the school, governors, consortium and local authority.
Until 2004, the MRPS was aligned with the then ruling Telugu Desam party because Chandrababu Naidu's TDP regime had fulfilled its promise and implemented categorisation.
The new regulation, which amends the Regulation 999/2001 on transmissible spongiform encephalopathy (TSE), brings the EU categorisation system into line with that of the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE).
The deal will add powerful content categorisation technology to BorderWare Firewall Server's broad range of secure Internet applications, including secure web connectivity and high-performance VPNs.
A row between secondary school leaders and government officials has been brewing for some time but appears to have boiled over just weeks before Wales' national categorisation system is due to go live.
School categorisation has the promise to be far better than what has gone before at doing an important job.
SurfControl's Categorization SDK allows OEMs to integrate content categorisation functionality into their own products and services, including ISP services, firewalls and proxy servers, search engines and a range of Internet enabled devices.
EDUCATION unions have welcomed suggestions school "banding" could be scrapped and replaced with a new categorisation system.
Portal Maximizer adds categorisation and XML tagging features to Cafe VIK, facilitating significantly faster retrieval of documents and efficient navigation to information of interest on the corporate intranet.
The Company's InfoSort indexing technology is widely perceived to offer an industry standard for information categorisation, while the DIALOG, DataStar and Profound range of products and services provide comprehensive, authoritative sources of information to professionals worldwide.