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a group of people or things arranged by class or category

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The nation's regional consortia are said to be annoyed because the "indicative" criteria they have been working against has changed, resulting in a significant number of provisional categorisation judgements being changed.
Guidelines state that no school will be allowed into the higher echelons of the categorisation system if it fails to meet the 25.
After the rival Mala sub-caste took the fight to the Supreme Court, challenging categorisation, and the apex court quashed the state government's order on categorisation as "unconstitutional", the MRPS turned against the TDP and aligned itself with the Congress in the last elections.
SurfControl's Categorization SDK allows the integration of its URL categorisation into other vendors' solutions.
Categorisation has the promise to do what everyone should want of an intelligent accountability system - produce honest, fair and accurate judgements about the stuff that matters.
As reported in the Western Mail yesterday, a proposed "national school improvement and categorisation system" will see schools causing most concern placed in the "red zone" and subjected to more direction from overarching authorities.
SurfControl's Categorization SDK allows OEMs to integrate content categorisation functionality into their own products and services, including ISP services, firewalls and proxy servers, search engines and a range of Internet enabled devices.
Portal Maximizer adds categorisation and XML tagging features to Cafe VIK, facilitating significantly faster retrieval of documents and efficient navigation to information of interest on the corporate intranet.
The Company's InfoSort indexing technology is widely perceived to offer an industry standard for information categorisation, while the DIALOG, DataStar and Profound range of products and services provide comprehensive, authoritative sources of information to professionals worldwide.