categorical imperative

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the moral principle that behavior should be determined by duty

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The feeling was that had the manager adhered to the categorical imperative of business, the workers would never have believed the write-off lie.
7) There's no evading the categorical imperative by ceasing to have a certain end; it applies to you no matter what you want or what ends you have, because it "commands a certain conduct without having as its condition any other purpose to be attained by it" (G 416).
And the narrative equivalent to the categorical imperative, the perverse agency that endeavors to meet Kant's contradictory demands, frequently appears internalized and thematized in eighteenth- and nineteenth-century novels in the guise of a criminal character who, at the level of plot, is frequently striving to satisfy the demands both for violence and for the exclusion of any trace of it.
Unfortunately, his argumentation consists of little more than a number of assertions, which I paraphrase as follows: "Hoppe says that each person owns himself and only himself; I say that each person owns a part of every person"; "Hoppe's scheme is an undeniable Kantian categorical imperative, and so is mine.
The first formulation of the Categorical Imperative states that an action is morally acceptable if the maxim of that action can be generalised into a universal law, one to which all people will be subjected.
Another deficiency of the categorical imperative as a foundation for morality was its inadequacy as a guide to real actions.
These events raise a crucial point, related to Kant's categorical imperative, about the ways in which negotiators may retain respect for the basic human rights of those who are not present.
A categorical imperative is an a priori statement, formulated by pure reason whose motive is usually imposed by duty.
In the second, practical reasoning is simply a test procedure that checks to see if a given maxim satisfies the categorical imperative.
But suddenly cutting the budget deficit by tightening the working people's belt has become the categorical imperative, while the social pledges have been not only forgotten but reversed.
By contrast to a life that is guided only by desires, Kant's notion of a self that governs itself by reference to "universal" standards such as the Categorical Imperative, promises to give us access to a conception of what is essential to selfhood as such, and thus essential to any life that is meaningful, that has a point, for a person or a self In that way, it promises a life that is a unified, meaningful whole, as opposed to one that amounts, in effect, to a heap of mutually unrelated projects.
It also was dead wrong in assuming that the categorical imperative could take the place of moral law.
The IABC Code of Ethics satisfies both the Principle of Utility and Kant's categorical imperative within four of its seven articles.
Contract awarded for Ahjungri old road (New Categorical Imperative as a) Re-pavement construction waste treatment services
On Church's reading, to perceive that an action is enjoined by the categorical imperative involves imagining a range of scenarios in which other people in other contexts perform the action in question or variations thereof.