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Synonyms for categorical

Synonyms for categorical

clearly, fully, and sometimes emphatically expressed

Synonyms for categorical

relating to or included in a category or categories


not modified or restricted by reservations

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We can and must reconnect with the categorical imperative of business: Create growth.
In Federal Intergovernmental Grants and the States, Shama Gamkhar discusses the motivations for converting categorical grants into block grants, raises concerns about doing so, examines state responses to shifts in federal aid, and explores how federal grant allocation decisions are made.
Perhaps the major reason for the reemergence, however, was the end in 1972 of categorical federal funding for control activities and the subsequent deterioration of public health infrastructure for tuberculosis control.
He contends that categorical racism and white racial ideology are parts of a long list of exclusionary tactics justifying differentiation of humanity for overt economic, political, social, and spiritual goals.
This framework is not particularly well-suited to the creation of a categorical "good faith" exception for police clerical personnel.
This often undefined argument seems at a minimum to say that earlier periods like the Renaissance had no awareness of nor language for same-sex eroticism as a distinct, categorical sexual orientation and ultimately to hold that even a de facto homosexual orientation did not exist in the age.
He insisted it was a categorical lie and that I had nothing to worry about.
Nobody can be absolutely sure that Categorical will win the final of the Betfred Poker Juvenile Novices' Series at Newcastle today (correct) but he seems to have stronger claims than most of his 11 rivals.
interpret the phrase "regulated NSR pollutant" under the preconstruction permit program to include only those GHG's emitted at a Section 111 categorical source; and
Recommendation: To improve BLM field offices' implementation of section 390 categorical exclusions--to reduce noncompliance and clarify how and when section 390 categorical exclusions are to be used-- the Secretary of the Interior should direct the Director of BLM to develop and implement a plan for overseeing the use of section 390 categorical exclusions to ensure compliance with both law and guidance.
Possession of Appropriate Standing: The categorical apologizer will possess the requisite standing to accept blame for the wrongdoing.
He runs Categorical What they say James Ewart, trainer of Best Lover "He's in as good order as I've ever had him.
Recently, the idea that every hypothetical imperative must somehow be "backed up" by a prior categorical imperative has gained a certain influence among Kant's interpreters and ethicists influenced by Kant.
There are helpful discussions of the formulations of the categorical imperative and how they relate to each other, the four examples of duties, worries about prudential reasoning in Kant and about rigorism, analytic and synthetic method, and more.
Among his topics are comparing the simplest model and a regression model, the traditional one-way ANOVA (analysis of variable) approach, multiple regression: when predictors interact, two-by-three ANOVA: complex categorical models, and analysis of covariance: continuous and categorical predictors.