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Synonyms for categorical

Synonyms for categorical

clearly, fully, and sometimes emphatically expressed

Synonyms for categorical

relating to or included in a category or categories


not modified or restricted by reservations

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In order to increase the utility of anonymized data for real datasets consisting of numerical and categorical data, without the need of additional information on attributes in the dataset, we are introducing a new approach based on clustering using distance calculation between the tuples for anonymization through local recoding generalization.
Under both of these categorical parole programmes, it said individuals with approved family-based immigrant petitions have been authorized to enter and work in the United States while waiting for their green card to become available.
He was categorical that the judiciary was working very successfully.Bavarian Prime Minister Marcus ZA[paragraph]der said Bulgaria should receive more support from Brussels for border protection.
The statement re-affirms the UAE's categorical rejection of all forms of extremism, calling upon the international community to close ranks and uproot the scourge of terrorism in order to ensure international peace and security.
The United States concedes that if we adhere to the ordinary-case categorical approach applied by the Supreme Court, we must invalidate 924(c)(3)(B).
The Federal Constitutional Court, relying on Kant's second formula of the categorical imperative, the end-in-itself-formula (2), describes the rights and duties that follow from Art.
Aquilino 'Koko' Pimentel III recalled the President telling him those words 'in very categorical terms' during the birthday party of Sen.
(4) In trying to figure out what route dynamic diversity could take, I make a partial--and somewhat half-hearted--defense of the Court's so-called categorical approach, developed in Stevens, (5) Brown, (6) and Alvarez, (7) and about which Magarian seems ambivalent.
The analyzed data for this purpose may be continuous, as an example of measurement performed in the loin eye area, which is assumed to have normal distribution, or discontinuous such as the case of categorical traits as carcass marbling.
The judge concluded that the environmental report shows that the project fits the criteria for categorical exclusion from the need for a more comprehensive study.
ISLAMABAD -- Pakistan on Monday summoned Indian Deputy High Commissioner J P Singh to register Pakistan's categorical rejection of the Indian statement on the Gilgit-Baltistan new order unveiled by the prime minister on Sunday.
Frontiers of Creative Industries: Exploring Structural and Categorical Dynamics
That's why the council asked for a categorical exclusion to the National Environmental Policy Act.
KIRKUK / / National Iraqi News Agency (NINA)- The Arabs and Turkmen of the province of Kirkuk sent a letter to Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi, including their categorical rejection of the return of Kurdish forces to their province.