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a new convert being taught the principles of Christianity by a catechist


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"The first catechesis presented the main articles of faith to the catechumens, subsequently crystallized in the Nicene symbol, that is: the monotheism, the incarnation, the death, the resurrection and the ascension into heaven of Jesus Christ, Son of God, the Holy Spirit, the Church, the sacraments, the Resurrection, eternal life and the Second Coming of Christ".
Let a catechumen or a believer of the people, if he desire to be a soldier, either cease from his intention, or if not let him be rejected.
Sulpicius tells us that Martin was a catechumen for three years during his military service.
That is the case with all, from catechumens to confessors and martyrs, or (as the case may be) deniers.
They would then become catechumens, and each was given a small cross to wear as a sign of this status.
Both the Presbyterians and Methodists held it a rule that if a Korean adherent wanted to receive baptism, the person was first received as a catechumen. At a congregational meeting, the catechumens publicly declared their Christian convictions and entered the candidacy of baptism, which lasted at least six months.
Still, Recovered Body, is an important development along the way, especially given that it was composed during the actual years I was a catechumen studying to fully embrace the Orthodox faith.
One of her brothers was certainly a Christian because he is identifed as a catechumen. But the suspicion must be that well before Perpetua's detention Christianity had come between her parents (as it did in the case of the anonymous divorcing couple at Rome seen earlier), as well as between father and children, and had created a long, if now lost, history of family conflict and dissension.
Indeed, at least one of her brothers was a Christian catechumen like herself.
Each catechumen, for example, has a parish sponsor and the candidates take part in the staged rites during communal worship services.
(47) Also, it ignores the ways in which examples of early radicalism continued to occur a century and a half after Constantine; for example, the Alexandrine Sinodos, a fifth-century Coptic church order, stipulated that a soldier shall be admitted as a catechumen "only if he leaves that [military] occupation." (48) Historical change is always untidy.
The reasoning for such a distinction can be seen in the Orthodox tradition that people who are being taught Christianity (catechumen) are permitted to attend the first edifying part of the liturgy of the holy eucharist, but are not permitted to attend the liturgy of the baptized faithful of the church.
Ambrose, who was acclaimed by the clergy and people as bishop of Milan while he was still a catechumen. And the very first bishop in the United States, John Carroll, was elected by the priests of Maryland and confirmed by the pope.
Thus a typical rite of the fourth century might begin with a three-year catechumen ate, with priests consecrating the water, sometimes by breathing on it, sometimes by making the sign of the cross in it, though the theology of this era claims Christ's baptism had already consecrated all water.
182) can be squared with her statement that her father solus de passione mea gavisurus non esset de toto genere meo (Passio 5.6), or her Redactor's statement that her brother was at the time a catechumen, who also shares her commitment (Passio 2.2; 4.1).