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a new convert being taught the principles of Christianity by a catechist


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The first catechesis presented the main articles of faith to the catechumens, subsequently crystallized in the Nicene symbol, that is: the monotheism, the incarnation, the death, the resurrection and the ascension into heaven of Jesus Christ, Son of God, the Holy Spirit, the Church, the sacraments, the Resurrection, eternal life and the Second Coming of Christ".
Let a catechumen or a believer of the people, if he desire to be a soldier, either cease from his intention, or if not let him be rejected.
Sulpicius tells us that Martin was a catechumen for three years during his military service.
That is the case with all, from catechumens to confessors and martyrs, or (as the case may be) deniers.
There must be a lot of it, much more than the catechumen dreams, so much that the gin smokes when you pour it in.
I gave him the manuscript of my first novel to read and awaited his verdict with the expectancy of a catechumen.
The mission log-books supply plentiful, if terse, examples of each: "Kilongola removed from catechumenate for entering galo [the initiation ceremony]";(70) "Katua of Mkuzi was today deprived of his cross and put back from being a catechumen to the position of a hearer.
Missionaries often required a minimum of one year's good standing as a catechumen in order for a Korean adherent to be qualified for baptism.
Still, Recovered Body, is an important development along the way, especially given that it was composed during the actual years I was a catechumen studying to fully embrace the Orthodox faith.
One of her brothers was certainly a Christian because he is identifed as a catechumen.
The introduction to the account of her martyrdom also provides a few basic facts about Vibia Perpetua's family background: she had a father and a mother still living, as well as two living brothers, one of whom was a Christian catechumen.
Ambrose, who was acclaimed by the clergy and people as bishop of Milan while he was still a catechumen.
Each catechumen, for example, has a parish sponsor and the candidates take part in the staged rites during communal worship services.
The leaders facilitated this approach by lowering the hurdles to becoming a catechumen (e.
Caption: Nick Boggs holds the Book of the Elect as catechumen Jeremy Smith signs it during the Rite of Election at Holy Cross Church in Dover, Del.