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extract of the heartwood of Acacia catechu used for dyeing and tanning and preserving fishnets and sails

East Indian spiny tree having twice-pinnate leaves and yellow flowers followed by flat pods

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catechu leaves under different temperatures to contribute to the development of integrated pest management programs in oil palm and areca plantations.
Increased waist size and weight in relation to consumption of Areca catechu (betel-nut); a risk factor for increased glycaemia in Asians in east London.
13 Research has shown that betal nut is the fruit of areca catechu palm tree and is chewed for its mild central nervous system stimulating properties.
Anti-elastase and anti-hyaluronidase activity of phenolic substances from Areca catechu as a new antiageing agent.
coconut limbahon water/juice white flesh (endosperm) Areca catechu Betle nut Mamaan leaves L.
Intestinal astringents like Creta, Kaolin and catechu were administered.
They are woven from 100% organic cotton yarn and enhanced with herbs like indigo, vettiver and acacia catechu.
Acacia catechu and Butea monosperma (Agrawal & Prakash 1978).
ACACIA SPECIES (Katha in Manipuri): Acacia catechu is a moderate sized tree and belongs to the family Leguminosai.
In Sri Lanka the major varieties of palms are Palmyra Palm or Borassus Palm) Coconut Palm' or Cocos nucifera, Kitul palm or Caryota Urens and the Areca Nut palm or areca palm Areca catechu.
Rajendran, "Estimation of biomarker epicatechin in ethanolic bark extract of Acacia catechu willd by HPLC method," Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research, vol.
Pomegranate rind (Punica granatum) and turmeric (Curcuma longa) give yellow, while catechu (khoyer or katha--Acacia catechu), babul bark (Acacia nilotica) and arjun bark (Terminalia aljuna) yield varying shades of brown.
Comparison of treatment potential of electrocoagulation of distillery effluent with and without activated Areca catechu nut carbon.