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a set of questions or exercises designed to determine knowledge or skill

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The very idea of catechization was a novelty in Russia: generally speaking, the Orthodox tradition did not consider it necessary and proper to instruct laymen in religious dogma.
* The subsidiary's catechization on behalf of the SHV ideology.
This deficiency, orchestrated by the former communist regime, the banning of catechization, can still be corrected through teaching religion in schools and through parish catechesis.
We learn in the writings about the various growth phases of the early medieval economy, the development of urbanism leading to the catechization of the peasants, the acceptance of organized religion, and the eventual formation of the state.
They quickly devise a strategy of modeling behaviors to Babette that will, they think, lead to her conversion: "But they did not like to worry a hardtried fellow-creature with catechization; neither were they quite sure of their French.
On November 16 and 17, 1749, strong emotions broke out during a Sunday sermon and a public catechization of Kuypers on Psalm 72:16: "There shall be a handful of corn in the earth upon the top of the mountains; the fruit thereof shall shake like Lebanon." People were seized with horror about their sins, began to call for Jesus loudly, let themselves fall on the floor or be carried outside, and so on.
For example, Fr Ioann Ekonomtsev, chairman of the Moscow Patriarchate's Department of Religious Education and Catechization, praised one particular school that undertook such activities despite the law:
Claiming to avoid past pro- or anti-Franciscan biases, Sandos argues that baptism in the California missions did not necessarily lead to conversion, since little or, in many early cases, virtually no required catechization took place.
Religious education may be seen as the first step, followed by catechization, and then theological education as a higher level of encountering church life that implies vocational training.
The Jesuits necessarily relied on the women catechists for the evangelization and catechization of women and men.
But even they admit that thirty years of catechesis have resulted in lamentable and even tragic results: "In fact nearly all observers agree that after eleven years of religious teaching during childhood and adolescence, and year after year, there is a triumph not only of the absence of catechization, but also a lack of religious culture."
Catechization is one way of translating, transmitting, and communicating the faith.
It proposes that one of the goals of catechesis should be to achieve a catechization of the long-term working memory of each student to at least a pedestrian level of expertise indicated by: (1) religious literacy; (2) knowledge, understanding, skills-appropriate to age and capacity to think spiritually, ethically, and theologically; and (3) awareness of the demands of a religious commitment in everyday life seen behaviorally in such practices as regular attendance at Mass, religious studies, and church support via donations or personal service.