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a set of questions or exercises designed to determine knowledge or skill

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Old and young visited crowded services and catechizations.
Religious education, evangelization, catechization, having the believers ready for the eucharist is worship: a "liturgy before Liturgy".
Catechization is one way of translating, transmitting, and communicating the faith.
Its task will be to supervise the systematic catechization of Gypsies and end their marginalization within the church," said Fr.
Alexander Men', was actively engaged in this work of Christian enlightenment and catechization of the newly converted.
But its catechization efforts and the establishment of seminaries and parish schools actually contributed to an astounding rise in literacy rates.
She regards the success of catechization and the movement towards individual devotion as, "the first and most important triumph of the Tridentine Church" (pp.
One of the most marked changes in these pastoral manuals over time is the shift in focus from catechization and knowledge of doctrine to consolation and personal application of doctrine.