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one who instructs catechumens in preparation for baptism (especially one using a catechism)

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But the shape and structure of a guild that will give catechists and religion teachers a sense of identity and confidence has yet to be instituted.
However, whatever catechists achieve with children is only as strong or as weak as the religious reinforcement the youngsters receive at home, she said.
He cautioned catechists against showing any film clips, DVDs or videos without first showing it to the director of religious education.
The ministry meets regularly with victims to listen to their stories, held an apology service in 2000 attended by Bishop John Cummins, and is planning a summer retreat for victims as well as a diocesan-wide workshop for catechists, reports the National Catholic Reporter.
HUNG HOA, Vietnam -- The number of catechists in a northern Vietnamese diocese short of priests has grown almost tenfold in the last 11 years, thanks to the work of a group of lay and religious catechist trainers.
The 55 catechists and partners in the five currently existing groups--three in Chicago/Oak Park and two in Saginaw, Michigan (an additional group in Washington, D.
Of the 160 catechists currently serving the church, 130 are ages 18-35.
Thank you so much, Heidi Schlumpf, for recognizing in The Examined Life ("Stop talking 'bout my generation," February) that what we learned from our loving catechists in the 1970s and '80s was valuable.
Since its founding, some fifty thousand people have taken part in its programs designed to instruct catechists on how to implement RCIA at the parish level.
After hearing many people express grave concerns about the series, Pierlot wanted to give pastors, parents, and catechists the information needed to understand "what is wrong with the Born of the Spirit series and why it must not be used.
In 1999 a jeep carrying six catechists from the Claretian parish of St.
The French priests were absolutely amazed at the progress made by these lay catechists.
We need more catechists because the vocations are going down.
The RCL Benziger family of products supports catechists, educators, students, families, and individuals with resources for Sacrament preparation, family life, catechist formation, and adult faith formation.