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one who instructs catechumens in preparation for baptism (especially one using a catechism)

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5) For Kim, such an epistemology entails considering Joe Christmas's much-studied racial inscrutability as a condensed, displaced articulation of the challenge Chinese immigrants presented to the early twentieth-century racial imaginary of the states of the old Confederacy, where the mostly ad hoc national system of white supremacy had reached uniquely catechistical status chiefly through legislative elaborations of a presumed foundational black-white racial difference.
It takes a catechistical approach to explain the idea of constructivism to the general reader.
Religious and specifically catechistical editions also skew what Lyons hopes to construct by way of a bestseller list for nineteenth-century France.
Proust reviews the devotional and catechistical works--all in Latin--printed there on a press imported from Macao, and gives a valuable digest of Jesuit reports about Japan.
As critically compelling as this essay is, readers might find themselves equally entranced by the sheer lyricism of Smith's analysis: "Beginning in medias res, his voice catechistical and surging against the left margin, rebounding, noisy with its alliteration, boisterous and yet controlled, if barely so, Warren flares the stage lights upon Audubon" (p.