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one who instructs catechumens in preparation for baptism (especially one using a catechism)

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But for someone to be a formator or a catechist, they need to get the knowledge.
So catechist Julie Cantrell, who teaches fifth and eighth graders at St.
A newsletter style magazine, The Catechist, was introduced in 1963 for ongoing support of those catechists who had completed all three levels of training.
Central to this process, she says, were Catechists, non-ordained assistants who were trained and educated by the missionaries to help spread Christianity.
Canon Ginny Doctor heads an indigenous catechist training program incorporating traditional teachings.
As a child, he dreamt of becoming a catechist like his father and, after he finished middle school, joined the school for catechists and took his training.
An aristocrat like most of Ward's examples, Hosokawa Gracia was secretly baptized by her lady-in-waiting, a catechist.
When Black Elk wrote this letter, he was a traveling catechist proclaiming the Gospel.
As a new convert, the player's mission is to navigate the catacombs of ancient Rome, past legions of demon-possessed soldiers, to rescue one's catechist from prison.
In these writings, Neylan finds two conflicting roles: the Native catechist as an authoritative and official representative of a Protestant denomination and a less orthodox individual whose activities were regarded as suspect by the missionary establishment.
The riding honours went to Ledbury-based former national champion Julian Pritchard who was successful with Northern Deal (men's open), Persona Pride (club members) and Catechist (aged maiden division two).
She has been a teacher in upper secondary public school, a catechist in the parish of Nittedal and a lecturer at the Norwegian Lutheran School of Theology.
I wanted to continue my education by going to college, but because my parents could not afford to send me to school, I worked as a catechist.
356), as prerequisite dispositions in the person of the catechist at the service of the gospel.
In addition, she volunteers as a catechist and religious educator at Our Lady of Victory Catholic Church in Compton.