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of or relating to a catechism summarizing the principles of Christianity

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This happiness is reflected in the medieval lightness of the poem, which is perfectly congenial with its catechismal rhetoric.
2) This tendency was strengthened by Protestant traditions of the Bible, emphasizing personal encounters with the text and deemphasizing catechismal or priestly discipline such as persisted i n the High Churches.
Money staffers are issued wallet-size cards emblazoned with the catechismal exhortation and blowups are taped to walls.
In this statement, her most verbally assertive moment in the text, Clotel is able to demonstrate her capacity for appropriating white male legalistic discourse and overturning slavery's catechismal rhythms.
Then, more dramatically, after a catechismal confrontation with Jesus, Albion forgives himself, recognizing that his negative resentments are his own creations, that Jesus loves him as a Friend and as a Brother, and that his every sin is forgiven through God's giving of himself "Eternally for Man" (96:26; E 256).