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Synonyms for catechism

a set of questions or exercises designed to determine knowledge or skill

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a series of question put to an individual (such as a political candidate) to elicit their views

an elementary book summarizing the principles of a Christian religion

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Thither came also the slender form of a veiled female, led between Goody Cloyse, that pious teacher of the catechism, and Martha Carrier, who had received the devil's promise to be queen of hell.
But I have not finished the catechism by any means.
A just, decent man, not without brains, who said his prayers, and knew his catechism, and did his duty outwardly through life, he could not be otherwise than aware that something was due to his brother at his hands, and that morally he was Rawdon's debtor.
And in what way a knowledge of addition and subtraction and the catechism is going to improve their material condition, I never could make out.
You get among them Tombs afore it's well light on a winter morning, and keep on, as the Catechism says, a-walking in the same all the days of your life, and YOU'LL know what Durdles means.
Softly, softly; when I have done with my catechism, it will be time to begin with yours.
Wherefore she desired that Dolly would be kissed immediately, on pain of her just displeasure; at the same time giving her to understand that whatever she saw her mother do, she might safely do herself, without being at the trouble of any reasoning or reflection on the subject--which, indeed, was offensive and undutiful, and in direct contravention of the church catechism.
I was brought up in that catechism when I was very young, sir, as you are aware.
Yes, verily, my lords and gentlemen and honourable boards, adapting your Catechism to the occasion, and by God's help so you must.
said Maggie, with some pity; "Columbus was a very wonderful man, who found out half the world, and they put chains on him and treated him very badly, you know; it's in my Catechism of Geography, but perhaps it's rather too long to tell before tea--
In the summer of 2006, Archbishop Hughes (2006), chair of the Ad Hoc Committee, presented a lengthy report in Catechism Update, reflecting on the committee's work of conducting conformity reviews of textbooks over the past decade.
In this Year of Faith, Benedict XVI urged us to renew, deepen, and grow in our relationship with Christ and his Church, and he specially recommended the ecclesial resource of the Catechism of the Catholic Church to assist in this spiritual adventure.
The fruit of their work was the catechism, an organized presentation of the essential teachings of the Catholic Church in regards to both faith and morals, "in the light of the Second Vatican Council and the whole of the church's tradition.
Each answer in the Catechism invites new questions.
Schoolchildren had to learn the Catholic Catechism off by heart before they were allowed make their confirmation.