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teaching religious principles by questions and answers

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In the 1958 Catechetical Instruction Course, for example, teachers learned about the "Guiding Principles in Christian Education," focusing on the works of St.
Theobald Stapleton, for example, emerges from the various essays as a surprisingly innovative figure, both linguistically on eschewing the use of archaic forms and in his interest in expanding the range of catechetical instruction towards the promotion of greater understanding of faith.
A third inconsistency lies in Cardinal Moran's failure to emphasise the distinction made by Pius X between the catechetical roles of teaching and preaching and the importance of training and preparation in the delivery of catechetical instruction.
The culmination of catechetical instruction for Loehe was the confirmation class, which he taught from Ash Wednesday until "Low Sunday" for one hour per day.
In addition, some national uniformity in catechetical instruction on the high school age level would be a benefit in the modern mobile society.
Catholic proponents of the status quo stressed the dangers of losing their catechetical instruction as well as other pastoral activities, such as the pastoral care of the youth and family circles.
According to Wallace, the most significant battleground of this transformation of patriarchy was the witch hunt, but the parish confessional, consistorial courts, and catechetical instruction instilled distinctly gendered models of proper Christian behaviour for men and women, providing a religious thread to a broader social and political tightening of male authority.
Not to be confused with apologetics, catechetical instruction, or devotional Bible reading, theology so construed deserves a place in the university curriculum, Hittinger argues.
For Behringer the long process of Christianization during the Middle Ages, coupled with the efforts of the Counter Reformation to root out superstition and to provide catechetical instruction during the sixteenth century, had already dissolved some of the elements of these ancient myths.
Catechetical instruction for Catholics and others lays down the law for the subject under discussion here by stating that we must not only love God, but we must also love our neighbor as ourselves.
Osmer contends that the processes of modernization make it extremely difficult for childhood or early-adolescent catechetical instruction or personal profession of faith to have lasting effect.
There is no reason why new forms of catechetical instruction, making use of new educational theory and cognitive psychology which do not automatically exclude memorization, cannot be devised.
They include an important role for catechetical instruction and confirmation and a structure for the exercise of discipline, with elders assisting the ministers and also the exercise of the ban.
Actually, all would have been well in missionary efforts at initial accommodation if it had been followed up by systematic catechetical instruction.
While at the Ateneo, he gained experiences in leadership and community-building, as a member of the Ateneo Catechetical Instruction League (ACIL).