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of or relating to or involving catechesis


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Perhaps it will encourage similar studies of the catechumenate in other places and of the catechetical teachings and methods of other influential teachers.
His talk opened an April 19-22 conference sponsored by the National Conference for Catechetical Leadership.
bishops adopted a doctrinal framework for adolescent catechesis, ponderously titled "Doctrinal Elements of a Curriculum Framework for the Development of Catechetical Materials for Young People of High School Age.
But one can also infer another criterion from the canon: prudent pastoral judgment will see the advantage in determining collectively the appropriate age for the conferral of the sacrament, so that pastoral and catechetical resources may be more effectively directed toward disposing and preparing the faithful for the reception of the sacrament.
He has a master's degree in religious studies, with a concentration in moral theology as well as a catechetical diploma from the Sacred Congregation for the Clergys.
Truthfully, any previous or subsequent catechetical tool follows the same format of readily supplied questions or themes along with suitable, even dogmatic answers.
He then describes in detail the reasons that Vatican II opted for a General Catechetical Directory instead of a catechism.
Persons who are not in accord with the teaching of the church should not expect to be allowed to teach catechetical leaders or others in the name of the church," Pilarczyk told The Catholic Telegraph Sept.
24) as an "admirable" refuter of Marcion and other heretics, though these writings are lost, as are the catechetical texts and biblical commentaries mentioned by Jerome.
Among other things, this document asks the catechetical enterprise of the church to make a historic shift.
Most have no formal catechetical degree, because the local church has no official catechism school.
The need for such a book emerged during the 2002 International Catechetical Congress, called to commemorate ten years since the publication of the Catechism of the Catholic Church.
Similar results were obtained from the Catechism of the Catholic Church, which claims to represent council documents in catechetical form.
He's also a fixture in the Italian Catholic media, and has published several books on spiritual and catechetical subjects.
In early March 2005, the bishop was forced to close the Lay Pastoral Ministry Formation Program, cut back on the Social Justice Office, and the Catechetical program for St.