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of or relating to or involving catechesis


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Its response to the Sacred Congregation of the Council's 1935 Decree on the Better Care and Promotion of Catechetical Education illustrates this effort.
Theobald Stapleton, for example, emerges from the various essays as a surprisingly innovative figure, both linguistically on eschewing the use of archaic forms and in his interest in expanding the range of catechetical instruction towards the promotion of greater understanding of faith.
It is argued here that the curriculum should not be catechetical in nature, but focus on religious education.
The texts also show the theological variety occasioned by linguistic nuances when Iberian Christian theological and catechetical materials are integrated with Amerindian religious worldviews and mythology--hence, Christiansen's argument for local Christianities.
The study identified five distinct periods in the history of the CCD movement between 1866 and 2000: 1866-1905, historical prologue; 1905-1955, the call for catechetical renewal and the response; 1955-1966, reestablishment of the CCD in NSW; 1966-1971 a period of expansion and growth; and, 1972-2000, a movement from mission to maintenance.
Then he was absorbed into the catechetical team of the diocese of Ajmer.
If adults drop the catechetical ball, formalized catechesis has got to fill the void.
A dearth of lay formational and catechetical materials by and for Anglican Canadians now exists.
With the establishment of Venerini Academy in the 1940's, she taught languages in the junior and senior high schools as well as doing catechetical work at Mount Carmel Parish.
These set the stage for the Third Council of Lima, which created an official corpus of catechetical texts and reforms that sought to curb resurgences of old ideas.
With the combined influence of Calvin's authority of scripture and the Confucian emphasis on education, personal morality and social order, the Korean preaching tended to be largely catechetical with a strong emphasis on personal morality, maintenance of social order and submission to authority.
Among these are his opposition to the allegorists, commentary on John's gospel, and catechetical homilies.
Insistence on the primacy of word does not deny appropriate and faithful use of imagery In catechetical and devotional uses.
The "social life" of the city and its constituent neighborhoods revolved around religious feasts and celebrations; sacramental activities and catechetical obligations were often intertwined with social interactions.