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Synonyms for catechetic

of or relating to or resembling a rigorous catechism


of or relating to or involving catechesis


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Catechetic texts such as these were extremely common in devotional manuscripts of the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries and became increasingly popular in the vernacular.
Not only was he catechetic from refusing to eat, he also had quite the vocabulary.
After discussing the terminology and theories of nationalism, Vulpius presents the background to the dispute over the use of Ukrainian in the Bible translation and catechetic literature.
This is a problem for the whole family of Orthodox churches, for its theology, and its educational and catechetic programmes.
As to the participation of women in the decisions on the life of the parish and the diocese, the revival of the deaconesses, and the removal of the miasma of "unclean" women, the various roles in the liturgical life, and in the catechetic and didactic work of the church -- those are issues which are discussed mostly in conferences, within a small circle of women, most of whom are experienced in the inter-Christian dialogue.