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oral religious instruction (as before baptism or confirmation)

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It called on priests, religious and the lay faithful of the diocese to ensure proper marriage catechesis and religiously implement the Pastoral Guide.
Hence there is the need for better quality catechesis and evangelization efforts in our faith communities and families.
Westerhoff outlines a comprehensive process for evangelizing the baptized that prioritizes evangelization and catechesis. For him, evangelization and catechesis are "the means by which persons develop their Christian faith, character, and consciousness." (16) As he succinctly puts it, "To be baptized is to become a Christian; to live into that baptism is to become Christian.
bishops expressed similar concern regarding the accurate transmission of Catholic doctrine through catechesis. In their Guidelines for Doctrinally Sound Catechetical Materials (United States Catholic Conference [USCC], 1990), the bishops described the vast array of catechetical materials available for children, youth, and adults as potentially problematic:
Anne Marie Murphy of Madonna House spoke on the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd.
KIERAN CONRY, BISHOP OF Arundel and Brighton and head of Evangelization and Catechesis in England and Wales, admitted in September that most Catholics have rejected the church ban on contraception, according to the Tablet.
Attendee Eva Gonzalez, Hispanic ministry director for the archdiocese of Louisvffle, Ky., said the University of Notre Dame's forthcoming implementation of affordable distance learning and religious education programing in Spanish will help foster Hispanic leadership preparedness of catechesis.
Nazzaro also recalled the recent bombing which took place in Aleppo on Sunday, saying "By a miracle a massacre of children was avoided, at the Center of catechesis of the Church of St.
Sullivan's compendium is a valuable theological, pastoral, and practical contribution to the Catholic Church's mission of evangelization and catechesis. For theologians, it is an excellent resource as it brings theology and pastoral practice into dialogue in terms that open up wide horizons for theologians' reflection on their primary work.
The Missio Metropolis, as it is known, is an initiative to make special efforts during Lent this year in mission, outreach and catechesis.
'Art in Catechesis, Catechesis in Art' talk to catechists in Clifton Diocese
It is examined in each of the four periods, and essays consider it in relation to exegesis, polemics, catechesis, and preaching, as well as in the theology of Gregory of Nyssa, Augustine, and Thomas Aquinas.
"It should include a course of catechesis and of experience living in Christian communities." Immediate preparation, took place as marriage approached, he told the Pontifical Council for the Family.
A scholar-at-large long involved with theater, Corbett investigates the relationship between the mystery plays of late medieval England and their implied audiences, questioning the conventional wisdom that the plays were designed solely for large-scale public catechesis. He begins by looking at the religious practices of the medieval guilds, and suggests that the plays, particularly those controlled by guilds or by the laity, were performed as much for the edification of the actors as of the general audience, and specifically for the discursive empowerment of guild members and their families.