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oral religious instruction (as before baptism or confirmation)

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For him, evangelization and catechesis are "the means by which persons develop their Christian faith, character, and consciousness.
273: <<Si lo fundas en que este cuerpo es de tierra y lodo, enfermo y poseido de infinitas miserias, oye al santisimo padre Cirilo Hierosolimitano, en la Catechesis 4, titulo "Del cuerpo": "Non patiaris [.
Nazzaro also recalled the recent bombing which took place in Aleppo on Sunday, saying "By a miracle a massacre of children was avoided, at the Center of catechesis of the Church of St.
Sullivan's compendium is a valuable theological, pastoral, and practical contribution to the Catholic Church's mission of evangelization and catechesis.
The Missio Metropolis, as it is known, is an initiative to make special efforts during Lent this year in mission, outreach and catechesis.
Art in Catechesis, Catechesis in Art' talk to catechists in Clifton Diocese
It is examined in each of the four periods, and essays consider it in relation to exegesis, polemics, catechesis, and preaching, as well as in the theology of Gregory of Nyssa, Augustine, and Thomas Aquinas.
It should include a course of catechesis and of experience living in Christian communities.
A scholar-at-large long involved with theater, Corbett investigates the relationship between the mystery plays of late medieval England and their implied audiences, questioning the conventional wisdom that the plays were designed solely for large-scale public catechesis.
Catechesis happens in a different way and figures like this will be well used," said Mr.
Prayerful listening in common to the Word--whether in catechesis, liturgical prayer, preaching, or study--is an important aspect.
He helped also to establish the Maryvale Institute in Birmingham as an international college for theology, religious education and catechesis and worked hard to promote vocations and training of priests.
In addition, at least some congregations retain the longstanding custom of conducting the Rite of Confirmation (or Affirmation of Baptism) on this day--a remnant of the ancient practice of catechesis during Lent and then baptism and first communion at the Easter Vigil.
In December, he addressed a group of American bishops at the Vatican and urged the creation of a catechesis to instruct Catholics on their role in the church and secular society, reported the Religion News Service.