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oral religious instruction (as before baptism or confirmation)

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Catechesis happens in a different way and figures like this will be well used," said Mr.
Prayerful listening in common to the Word--whether in catechesis, liturgical prayer, preaching, or study--is an important aspect.
He helped also to establish the Maryvale Institute in Birmingham as an international college for theology, religious education and catechesis and worked hard to promote vocations and training of priests.
It is hoped it will have a similar impact here where many Catholics are truly ignorant of their faith primarily due to 40 years of bad catechesis.
In December, he addressed a group of American bishops at the Vatican and urged the creation of a catechesis to instruct Catholics on their role in the church and secular society, reported the Religion News Service.
This paper offers such a reflection by first situating the bishops' Framework within the context of recent Church teaching on catechesis.
Among his topics are the historical background and contemporary context, maturity and male identity formation, communion and solidarity with male youth as a missiological imperative, and towards an inculturated catechesis.
In addition, at least some congregations retain the longstanding custom of conducting the Rite of Confirmation (or Affirmation of Baptism) on this day--a remnant of the ancient practice of catechesis during Lent and then baptism and first communion at the Easter Vigil.
and whether the "majority" also needed a special catechesis.
Joined together, they provide a dynamic approach to systematic and intentional catechesis for all members of the faith community.
Saint John Paul II regarded Pope Paul VI as the great catechist of modern times: "Through the whole of his work, my venerable predecessor Paul VI served the Church's catechesis in a particularly exemplary fashion.
Central to the signaling: repeated recognition from the scholars that many of their students have not been formed in the basic tenets of the faith and can't do the big thinking of theology without first a bit of catechesis.
The church is providing more and more preachers with what author Karen Dix asks for: "Expertise in catechesis, medical ethics, social justice, or family life [who] bring a different perspective--one of being married or a parent.
The platform provided by VSCHOOLZ and the content developed by the authors of the Weeklies will give tens of thousands of Catholic children a chance to experience a complete, child-friendly, dynamic, and affordable catechesis in the same interactive ways they experience other subjects," said Cullen Schippe, President of the Pflaum Publishing Division of Peter Li Education Group.