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a word printed at the top of the page of a dictionary or other reference book to indicate the first or last item on that page

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The use of political catchwords by politicians and the press is not meant to promote analytic thinking, detached reasoning, and balanced judgment.
Though the dust may not have fully settled, three catchwords sum up what we have learned so far -- and what remains to be done.
26 -- Corruption is the catchword in the country today.
If you haven't noticed, "silos" has become a catchword in Oregon - and national - politics in recent years.
Abusrour summarizes the many activities of Alrowwad under the catchword of "Beautiful Resistance".
WITH his catchword "winning" newly tattooed on his wrist, Charlie Sheen took to the airwaves on his home-made internet radio show yesterday.
The topics include work on bacteria, RNA, influenza, malaria, the interactions of elements within ecosystems, anaerobic methane production and the popular catchword "probiotics".
Just as Town Meeting: After Acconci seemed a parody of the way in which a complex web of politics, beliefs, and actions can be reduced to a catchword, Koumoundouros here seizes upon the inequities that the pie chart represents while at the same time rejecting their simplification into a graphic.
JAPAN: Ikemen--a Japanese catchword for "good looking men"--is spreading through Japan, and companies are working hard to lure more males to their counters and kiosks.
His catchword, "phwaaw", is still used today, usually when a woman of obvious charms is spotted by men of no charm.
All Magyar programming execs agree: The catchword in Hungarian TV is growth.
Freedom" seemed a part of every sentence uttered at this conference, but "finance" might have been a more appropriate catchword.
The term, "subtle energy medicine" has become a popular, albeit confusing catchword because it covers time-tested approaches and therapies, as well as a multitude of specious devices and products offered by entrepreneurs, impostors and misguided zealots, though well meaning in their intentions.