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Areas such as Murang'a, Kilifi, Wajir and Naivasha, just to mention a few, are experiencing water and food shortage, which can only be attributed to destruction of water catchment areas, all gratitude to the loggers for their sinister acts.
We shall re-establish the boundaries to include the catchment areas because the problem started with people constructing, developing or cutting trees on catchment areas.
At the moment Cardiff operates a system where children in the catchment area have first priority, followed by siblings.
People in general especially those who focus on socio-political and spiritual aspects of the society, are apathetic towards mundane things like afforestation of the catchment areas in a country.
OVER a third of North East parents have moved house to be within their desired school catchment area, a survey has found.
Iran is divided into six primary and 31 secondary catchment areas.
Hub Dam is one of the biggest water reservoirs in the country and its catchment area comprises 250 kilometres till
Out of total allocated amount, Rs 14 million would be spent by Mangla Watershed Management to manage the plantation of 700,000 trees in the catchment areas while Rs 16 million would be utilized for plantation of 300,000 trees by other WAPDA formations.
According to a senior forest officer, these two catchment areas have been developed keeping in mind the method of water conservation based on peculation theory to enhance the ground water table.
concept note for piloting the implementation of climate resilient catchment area management plans
At the time, the tiny catchment area was England's fourth smallest in 2014, according to a new study.
IResearch has revealed that parents have to spend an extra PS17,555 for a home in the catchment areas of Wales' best secondary schools.
They considered recommending giving young brothers and sisters out of catchment areas priority over children in school catchment areas without an older sibling at the school.
CARDIFF council is reviewing primary school catchment areas in Llandaff North and Whitchurch.