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a structure in which water is collected (especially a natural drainage area)

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The location of urban centres and their UWWT discharge point do not always coincide within the same lake catchment. The second approach to capturing the contribution of urban centres on water quality is through dummy variables identifying the location of UWWT discharges.
In a report before the council's community services committee today, education director Douglas Hendry advises that the catchment area for St Columba's be rezoned.
Councillor Jim Paterson, board convener, responded: "There's an acceptance that this is the best and only way to redo this catchment area."
According to Flood Forecasting Division (FFD), Lahore, widespread thunderstorm/rain with scattered heavy to very heavy falls and extremely heavy falls at isolated places is expected over upper catchments of Rivers Sutlej, Beas and Ravi during the next 24 hours.
LAHORE -- A well-marked monsoon low pressure is likely to give heavy to extremely heavy rain in the upper catchments of eastern rivers over the next 48 hours, and the Flood Forecasting Division said on Thursday the spell might generate high to medium flood in the rivers in the next 72 hours.
'This means 84 per cent of the rainforests in Ulu Muda are not protected as water catchment areas for the benefit of 4.2 million people living in Perlis, Kedah and Penang,' he said.
Demanding a review of the catchment policies and an increase in places at Whitley Lodge First School, the parents have collected more than 360 signatures on a petition on the North Tyneside Council website, and more in a paper version displayed in local shops.
Options have been drawn up to balance pupil numbers between the three and, if approved, could be implemented in time for August 2020, with no pupils having to move if their catchment area changes.
| Children living in the catchment area of the school.
School admission rules are mainly based on location -- your child needs to live in the catchment area to stand a chance at being accepted.
Farmers can find out if they're eligible for any of United Utilities' offers by contacting their local catchment advisor.
A council spokesman said there were a number of reasons for pupils not having offers, including applications to over-subscribed schools, living out of catchment or simply not stating a preference.
On questioning the importance of afforestation on the catchment areas, Sadhguru affirmed that maintaining 100% forest cover in all the catchment areas of all rivers and streams is of paramount importance.
NEARLY a quarter of parents have moved house to be within their desired school catchment area, a survey has found.
QUARTER OF PARENTS HAVE RELOCATED TO GET THEIR CHILD INTO DESIRED SCHOOL NEARLY a quarter of parents have moved house to be within their desired school catchment area, a survey has found.