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a structure in which water is collected (especially a natural drainage area)

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Project Objective: The objective of the project is to promote sustainable livelihood development and economic growth through improved commercialized management of limited water resources in selected sub catchments in Kenya.
The study, by Santander, reveals that many families move to an area they do not like purely to be within a sought-after catchment area and will move away from the area once their child has secured a place or as soon as their child finishes school.
Are there any introduced species in the creek and catchment and how have these affected the environment?
Established six years ago through an amalgamation of the Weardale Environmental Trust and River Wear Environment Trust, the Wear Rivers Trust aims to improve the environment across the River Wear catchment.
Powys councillor Arwel Jones said a detailed review of the area had been undertaken, adding: "I am delighted that the minister has shown initial support for the strategic case, which outlines plans for three much-needed new primary schools and the remodelling of two others in the catchment area.
A proposal to merge catchment areas of six primary schools in Warwick into a single 'super priority area' was also dropped.
The project aims to lessen flows at the upper end of the catchment to allow for a slower release of excess water into the lower catchment.
The report, conducted by economic consultancy Capital Economics, looked at the economic value of the catchment areas of Britain's long-haul airports.
The analysis, conducted by Steer Davies Gleave and Capital Economics, looked at the catchment areas of the UK's long-haul airports and concluded that Birmingham currently serves the greatest number of passengers living and working within two hours travel by road and rail.
So if you have identified a preferred school - selling or buying your home and moving to the catchment area before Christmas could be the key to securing a place.
The model takes into account how current catchment conditions, such as existing soil moisture and groundwater, and climate patterns such as El Nino cycles may influence future catchment runoff.
Rescue Medical Training for Residents of catchments areas of Nulla Lai RAWALPINDI: Japanese social organization Focus with cooperation of City District Administration Rawalpindi, would impart training to residents of catchment areas of nulla Lai to avoid flood destructions.
RAWALPINDI, February 11, 2011 (Frontier Star): Japanese social organization 'Focus' with cooperation of City District Administration Rawalpindi, would impart training to residents of catchment areas of nulla Lai to avoid flood destructions.
2005); however, there has been little temporal analysis on individual catchments in Western Australia, with the notable exception of that conducted in the Upper Kent River catchment (Evans et al.
Together with the new Punggol and Serangoon Reservoirs, Marina Reservoir will increase Singapore water catchment areas from half to two-thirds of the nation'sland areas.