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Synonyms for catching



  • incommunicable
  • non-infectious
  • non-contagious
  • non-catching
  • non-transmittable

Synonyms for catching

capable of transmission by infection

Synonyms for catching

(baseball) playing the position of catcher on a baseball team

the act of detecting something

becoming infected


Related Words

(of disease) capable of being transmitted by infection

References in classic literature ?
Willoughby will be incommoded by the attempts of either of MY daughters towards what you call CATCHING him.
Vanstone's catching the return train and getting back in good time.
and then catching hold of Arthur, hurries him away across the field towards Rugby as hard as they can tear.
Brotton angler Bruce Hodgson had a wonderful time on his loyalty day, catching his maximum 10 rainbows amongst the shallow rocks section at the east end fishing ledgered blue mango Power-Bait and mice tails.
B Lawless caught 12, with these anglers catching on Buzzers and Hare's Ear.
Sonitrol Pacific is proud to design, install, service and monitor security and burglar alarms systems that aid police and deputies in catching bad guys.
Avoid catching the ball directly in front of your face.
You can beat them when you're catching the ball, and when you're not catching the ball.
Catching is probably the most difficult and important position on the diamond.
They can get more money by catching fewer fish and causing less damage to the habitat.
CATCHING ON The problems with fisheries may run deep, but the remedy is practically jumping into the boat.
Shimano Felindre Fishery 01792 796584 THE lake fished well all through the week with a number of limit bags recorded and montana nymphs and rubber leg daddy longlegs catching most of the fish.
As she pursued these questions, Guthrie would discover that membership in particular plantation communities is achieved and maintained through the practice and recognition of catching sense - a pattern of affiliation that confers unbreakable ties between individuals and the terrain where they achieved adulthood in the eyes of the community.
What do we gain (or lose) by growing instead of catching our seafood?