catcher's mask

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a mask to protect the face of the catcher in baseball

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Their conclusion, the traditional style catcher's mask is better against a foul-tip, and a hockey-style catcher's mask is better against a hitter's backswing.
Inouye-Perez stands up out of her crouch and takes off her catcher's mask.
Officially licensed by MLB Properties and MLBPA, this collector's game also features customized pewter tokens such as socks, ball and glove, pitcher, catcher's mask, Red Sox cap and batter.
The team is in need of new or used baseball gloves, bats and a catcher's mask.
Sporting a ``Support Our Troops'' T-shirt as he sat at his locker in the San Diego Padres' spring clubhouse recently, Mike Piazza adjusted a fresh catcher's mask as he waxed nostalgic about Dodgers days.
Among them are Joe DiMaggio's spikes worn during his 56-game hitting streak in 1941, a contract Ty Cobb signed with the Detroit Tigers in 1914 (annual salary: $15,000), a 1900 catcher's mask that looks like a medieval torture device and an 1876 baseball of dark-brown leather.
The team is in need of new or used baseball gloves, wooden bats, a catcher's mask and uniforms.
Lo Duca kept playing, with a hockey-style catcher's mask.
Knee-High Chicago" offers fun facts and information about Chicago for children, including lifelike miniature models of the 1893 Columbian Exposition with the first-ever Ferris Wheel; the dark tunnels that lie beneath the city; an 18th Century look at the first Chicago settlement and an interactive view from a catcher's mask at Comiskey Park.
He took batting practice, and the Dodgers medical staff put his catcher's mask on before the game to make sure there was no discomfort.
He angrily ripped off his catcher's mask and kicked it, drawing boos from the crowd.
Blood gushed from beneath his catcher's mask, providing sensational pictures for sports sections and TV around the country.
Game pieces: A Dodgers cap, a Dodger dog, a Dodgers pennant, a catcher's mask, a baseball glove and a statue of a pitcher.
I usually try to aim for the catcher's mask, and it drops in the strike zone.
The traditional catcher's mask was altered to include compartments that hold a 5-ounce camera on the right side and a battery pack/transmitter that weighs about the same on the left side.