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an enclosure or receptacle for odds and ends

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3d at 557), holding the statute "do[es] not create a new cause of action, but rather give[s] an additional remedy upon which the State can recover." Therefore, because the court denied "the motion to dismiss the NYFCA and Section 145-b claims, it necessarily follows that this derivative motion must be denied." This line of reasoning is contrary to the state court's decision in the Trump case discussed above, where Section 63(12) was recognized as a form of a "catchall" fraud claim that can stand on its own it provides a remedy whether or not it is joined with other causes of action like the FCA.
By that, I mean the words that occur in many different contexts and mean so many things - the catchall words.
"Pit bull" is not even a "breed", but a catchall term used by many local dog control officers and municipalities to describe muscular dogs, with big, blocky heads.
COPD is a catchall phrase for many ailments affecting a person's ability to breathe.
defined, it may be more difficult to create a catchall product than it was with
But the curbside catchall for unwanted items is nothing new.
If any Government needs to raise substantial taxes from the better off from my life experience, progressive, indirect taxation on luxury items and services the people with full pockets tend to use is a realist policy having a "catchall" impact.
The garage can quickly become a catchall in any home.
The finding, published August 28 in Science Translational Medicine, may point to problems with catchall influenza vaccines.
OVER THE PAST YEAR it has been great to see the "Big Data" moniker lose some of its glamour as a catchall phrase.
One challenge to maintaining effective gas turbine performance is controlling the formation of varnish, a catchall term for deposits found in gas turbine operations.
The court narrowed it down to three options--the two-year statute of limitations for statutory penalties, the five-year statute of limitations that applied to common law fraud, and the catchall period for all other civil claims for relief.
A troll isn't a catchall term that applies to anyone who disagrees with you, the twitter version of Godwin's Law (" As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches 1").
Offering items ranging from replacement heads for sonic toothbrushes to tongue cleaners and flossers, the category is a catchall for products outside the traditional oral care segments of toothbrushes, toothpastes and mouthwashes.
Leaders in both chambers have talked about wrapping up a new spending law, mostly likely through a catchall omnibus measure.