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taking a vaccine as a precaution against contracting a disease

the scar left following inoculation with a vaccine

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They concluded that an assessment of benefits and harms favors expanding the catch-up vaccination to all individuals through 26 years, said Elissa Meites, MD, of the CDC, who presented the official work group opinion.
The tremendous impact of the Australian HPV vaccination program, which initially primarily targeted girls 12 to 13 years old (commenced in 2007 with a catch-up vaccination of 14- to 26-year-old girls and young women through 2009) was shown in a recent study reporting the surveillance data with longest follow-up to date (23).
The case described in this report can serve as a reminder of the importance of catch-up vaccination of older children and adolescents to prevent varicella and its serious complications later in life when disease can be more severe.
An urgent catch-up vaccination program may be necessary to prevent future outbreaks.
The three-dose series of HPV vaccine is recommended for girls aged 11-12 but can be started at age 9; catch-up vaccination is recommended for girls and women 13-26 years old who have not been vaccinated or have not received all three injections.
Public health chiefs in Wirral have launched a catch-up vaccination programme,offering booster jabs to children aged between six months and four years on April 1, 2003.
The committee recommended catch-up vaccination at any age for all children aged 2-18 years who had not previously received hepatitis A vaccination, recommended that all persons with HIV aged 1 year and older should be vaccinated with the hepatitis A vaccine, and approved updating the language in the full hepatitis A vaccine statement, "Prevention of Hepatitis A Virus Infection in The United States: Recommendations of The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices."
The report also included kindergartners provisionally enrolled (attending school without complete vaccination or exemption while following a catch-up vaccination schedule) or in a grace period (permitted to attend school for a set period of time without evidence of vaccination or exemption) for 28 states.
The catch-up vaccination is provided for 13- to 26-year-old girls and woman, and is also free of charge and is delivered through healthcare facilities.
There will also be a two-year catch-up vaccination campaign starting in autumn 2009 for girls up to 18, Edwina Hart, the Welsh health minister has revealed.
To eliminate indigenous measles virus circulation in the presence of repeated importations, high population immunity was ensured through 1) simultaneous implementation of a catch-up vaccination campaign targeting a wide age range and requirements that students have documentation of MCV2 before school entry and 2) enhanced case-based measles surveillance.