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a phrase that has become a catchword

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10, 2008 and the winning catch phrase will appear in an upcoming Crest Whitening Expressions TV commercial.
The catch phrase for the conference is ''Into New Tourism -- Peace, Sustainability and Technology,'' while its symbol is a design in which Japanese and South Korean people are seen shaking hands.
With a simple click, anyone can generate an amusing, if somewhat implausible, catch phrase just like Charlie Sheen," says one of GeneratorLand.
All of these games are for ages eight and above, except for Chasin' Cheeky (three-plus) and Catch Phrase (13-plus).
Tie in an awareness phrase like, “Sun Safety”, “Protect Your Skin”, or a fun catch phrase like, “Keep Calm and Cover Your Skin”.
New Catch Phrase Will Appear in Upcoming TV Commercial -
The 'Asda Price' slogan is replaced with the catch phrase 'There's no place like Asda'.
his catch phrase, exclaimed repeatedly during his television show whenever something interesting happens.
Gay Byrne's famous Late Late Show catch phrase springs to mind this week with the above nostalgia photos from 1979.
I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today" was the catch phrase of Wimpy in the Popeye cartoons.
This catch phrase also played a part in the JCB TV ad campaign in April, featuring Asia's bow of respect that symbolizes JCB's unique role as the only Asia-based international credit card.
With a tagtine of "NDNU: The Cure for the Common School" and the catch phrase "Be HEARD, not one of the herd," the ads seek to appeal to this non-traditional student population.
Working and being allowed to 'be all you can be' is an Army catch phrase, but it certainly applies to the success JO1 has enoyed as part of the Naval Aviation News family.
A RECENT poll set out to find the greatest catch phrase of all time.
Mr King will use the catch phrase Getting the Basics Right to promote the changes and is expected to say that it will take three years to turn the group around.