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a phrase that has become a catchword

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In Bregoli's game, her catch phrase plays over as "she must college gems and try not to die.
UV Wristbands can be embossed or debossed with a business name, tag or catch phrase.
With a tagtine of "NDNU: The Cure for the Common School" and the catch phrase "Be HEARD, not one of the herd," the ads seek to appeal to this non-traditional student population.
Working and being allowed to 'be all you can be' is an Army catch phrase, but it certainly applies to the success JO1 has enoyed as part of the Naval Aviation News family.
A RECENT poll set out to find the greatest catch phrase of all time.
Mr King will use the catch phrase Getting the Basics Right to promote the changes and is expected to say that it will take three years to turn the group around.
He learned quickly that the catch phrase he'd been taught in Sunday school--that Israel was "a land without people for a people without land"--was false.
That's why that music is half as refreshing as it is, because it's just a clean palette for those guys to create on top of and it's not that fuckin 12-bar blues with the two phrases and the catch phrase.
DENSITY NEUTRAL" WAS THE CATCH PHRASE WHEN REALEN Homes' Farmview changed the development game: In 1986, 18 months of negotiation began for new "conservation subdivision design" zoning.
For keys with sharps, look at the last sharp in the series of sharps, and say the catch phrase "little step up, big step down.
M-Commerce is fast becoming the new catch phrase in agriculture marketing as technology has found a way to follow farmers everywhere they go.
The website's catch phrase echoed in my mind as I was greeted by music spilling from my computer speakers, causing my head to nod and my feet to tap to the beat.
Build and they would come" certainly was a catch phrase that proved true:
Presenting the catch phrase and symbol for the general convention of the World Tourism Organization, the ministry said the meeting will aim for ''new tourism in the new century'' by making better use of information technology and preserving cultural and natural sites.
In one of the stranger disputes, America Online demanded author Marlene Sobol stop selling her Internet dating book entitled "You've Got Male" because the title sounded too much like its catch phrase "You've Got Mail.