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a phrase that has become a catchword

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The Dot compared "Cash me outside" to Nintendo's recent hit "Super Mario Run." In Bregoli's game, her catch phrase plays over as "she must college gems and try not to die." The game, free to download, can cost users $2.99 to remove the ads and another $9.99 to unlock all of the levels.
Either the Minister of Foreign Affairs Mangala Samaraweera or any other responsible person in the Government of Sri Lanka needs to give a clarification of the 'Catch Phrase' in the GSL official letter to the UN which the Asian Tribune has highlighted to present the above interpretation.
All of these games are for ages eight and above, except for Chasin' Cheeky (three-plus) and Catch Phrase (13-plus).
UV Wristbands can be embossed or debossed with a business name, tag or catch phrase. They can be colored filled or laser engraved with brand colors; or screen printed with logos.
The catch phrase 'more boyfriends than t.s,' written on the T-shirt, was apparently making fun of Swift's turbulent love life.
Catch Phrase (Android) AND now for something completely different....
Yes, I have resorted to a catch phrase in this month's editorial, but with good reason.
"You Can Do Anything" became the catch phrase and new anchor for the TIM-BR MART retail brand, representing a network of mere than 740 stores across Canada.
Comic Carson, 84, is famous for his catch phrase: "It's the way I tell 'em".
It also features a photo of Victor Meldrew actor Richard Wilson - who was unaware the image was being used - with the character's catch phrase: "I don't believe it!" And you can't believe the firm's claims about the "investors" in the jargonfilled slideshow, which is littered with spelling mistakes.
MIDDLESBROUGH'S "Bionic Man" Matthew Bates, who has overcome four cruciate ligament operations, has adopted "touch wood" as his catch phrase His latest recovery from career-threatening injury has been touched by the hands of Tiger Woods's medical mentor.
'I'm not scared!' So when our warrior utters her catch phrase, 'I am Hinemoa te toa, bring it on!' and jumps in the deep end in a great big splash, the obvious occurs-Hinemoa needs to be rescued.
The catch phrase "Yes, we can" has standard usage in sports, music, language, literature and politics.
Each full-page strip ends with Horkheimer's catch phrase: "Keep looking up!" By the book's end, that's just what you want to do.
The 'Asda Price' slogan is replaced with the catch phrase 'There's no place like Asda'.