catch fire

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Both trailers were burned completely, and an adjacent shop building sustained minor scorching but did not catch fire, Kronser said.
He pointed out that during the peak of the summer and with increased temperatures, cars are more likely to catch fire, especially if the vehicles are not well maintained or given to garages where mechanics fix fake spare parts and counterfeit wiring systems.
An Asda spokeswoman said: "We can confirm that a third party delivery wagon did catch fire outside of our store earlier today.
Control panel could overheat and catch fire Recalled July 2011 443,817 still missing
Police fire expert Ahmed Mohammed said display boards catch fire due to different reasons, including weather conditions like high humidity levels, not doing periodic maintenance and use of high-voltage lights which cause short circuit especially during rain.
It was also reported that after the Volt fire, NHTSA and GM each replicated the crash test and waited three weeks, but in neither case did the cars catch fire, officials said.